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The young man who was cursed for being too handsome and how his life ended.

In Greek mythology, narcissus was the son of a Greek god and a hunter who was known for his beauty .

He was the eye of everyone and was well known for his beauty and his love for everything beautiful. His beauty attracted everyone both god, goddesses and men. Though many people loved him, he showed disdain and contempt for them and prided in his beauty.

Narcissus was so in love with himself that when he went hunting he came upon a river and he saw a reflection of himself in the river. He fell in love with his beauty immediately. At that time a goddess, echo who was madly in love with him came to him and tried to woo him but he rejected her and insulted her. Echo felt sorrowful and withdrew from the world and became nothing. All that was heard of her was a whisper.

The goddess, Nemesis got angry and made Narcissus stare at his own reflection till he died. He was cursed because he broke many hearts of people who loved him. Cursed to fall in love with himself till he died staring at his reflection in a mirror. When he died a flower grew at the spot where he sat till his dead and it was named after him. That is how the flower, narcissus came into existence .

Ever since then anyone who admires himself is called a narcissist and nemesis is used for anything that befalls someone out of his own doing.

Pride comes before the fall. Follow for more interesting news. God bless.

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