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See what a Man Posted on His Twitter Page about a Marriage Proposal that Everybody is Reacting to.

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Like the popular saying goes "you only know those you love but you can not know those who loves you" .

Igbo people also put it this way "ochi abughi uto" meaning that someone is laughing with you does not mean he/she is happy with you.

Love indeed is a matter of choice and the fact remains that someone you are loving may possibly not be in love with you.

I stumbled at a resent tweet by "Mazi Netflix" on his Twitter handle.

The Tweet stated: "Uncle was paid to come and play sax at this man's proposal for his woman. He got there and it turned out to be his girlfriend. We are still there shall"

I took time to ponder on what the reaction of the uncle will be at the proposal and it filled me with mixed reactions of laughing and at the same time wonder how he will manage to blow the saxophone.

See people's reactions and Comments.

Let's put ourselves in this uncle's shoes. Will you go ahead to play the saxophone since you have been paid or what next action will you take.?

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