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"I feel like screaming"; UK-Based Nigerian New Doctor Shares After Seeing This

It is advisable to continue to speak even when no one is listening, and continue to work when nobody is watching. Eventually, a day is coming when your hard work will pay off. And whatever the challenges and difficulties may be, it won't be forever because everything in life changes, and situations is temporal.

A UK-Based Nigerian lady who is a Doctor has shared her success story through her social media page on how she got her first job and her first earnings after two years of failure.

Bukola Abubakar, a young pretty lady who in 2018 was rejected from getting a Medical license but later passed her examination the following year shared her inspirational story. She said;

"For those who are yet to get there, please keep pushing and strive more. I was so depressed when I failed in 2018 for the UK Medical license exam which was worth thousands of dollars, I felt so weak and was full of tears due to the disappointment because I had worked hard to provide required documents and authentication. But unfortunately, I failed. Then in 2019, I decided not to give up and I reapplied for the UK Medical License Examination. And with God's grace, I passed and was so excited and very happy.

I got my full license at the beginning of this year and this last month, June, I got my first job. I thanked God and jumped up in excitement when I was informed about the acceptance, I couldn't hold it but started to cry. It was indeed a life-changing opportunity. And today I got my first payslip.

I am still in a very strange mood and I feel like screaming. I shared this to inspire you and just to let you know that whatever the difficulties and challenges you may be going through, it is temporal and won't last forever. Your days are coming and the moment you give up is the moment you give someone else the chance. Always try one more time and you will forever be grateful to yourself you did."

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God bless you as you do so. PEACE!!!

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