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Remember the Man who spent (£ 20,000) to look like a popular Footballer? See what He looks Like now.

In the bid of Looking better or have a better body shape, some people could go To Any length to get it. One of the ways used in modifying the Human Body is through cosmetic Surgery . But it was never Envisaged that someone would want to Look like someone else through Surgical Modifications.

This was the case of a Young man who spent 20,000 Pounds just to look like a popular Footballer.

You remember Jack Johnson? He is that man, He spent a lot of money to look like his Idol. He idoled David Beck ham, he saw him as his god. If you recall Jack Johnson, now 24 years old, spent around £20,000 on an eyebrow lift, teeth veneers, lip fillers, cheek fillers, Botox in his forehead, and tan injections. All this money was gotten through loans, and now he is in Huge Debt.

Years after this surgery this young man hated himself for under going the surgical procedure that left him in huge debt.

This makes me wonder why will someone spend such huge amount of Money just to look like someone else. Though he looks like David Beckham.

Now Look at this picture very well, do they look alike?

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