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See Photos of The Man Who Spent 23.2 Million Naira to Become a Dragon And a Lady

Have you ever heard of stories of people undergoing plastic surgeries just to look like their favorite celebrities, or cartoon characters and anything related to that? Well, the story of this lady may come as a shock to you because she's not spending to look like a cartoon character, neither was she spending to look like her favorite celebrity, but she is spending to look like a dragon.

In this article, we'll learn why she decided to make such a move and if it's truly worth the stress, so don't be in a hurry to leave without reading it properly. Eva Tiamat Medusa has spent over 60,000 dollars to look like a dragon, but before you condemn her she has her good reason for doing this and that's what we are going to look into today.

One thing many people don't know is that this woman was actually born as a man, in fact, her formal name was Richard Hernandez, yes she was actually a man before she transformed into a woman.

Richard Hernandez who's now known as Eva Tiamat Medusa was working in a bank before his transformation after he found that he has HIV/AIDS, he decided to stop working and he made a decision not to die looking like a human, but to die as what he is now. 

Richard quitted his job as a banker back in 1997, that's about 23 years ago, he changed his name to Eva Tiamat Medusa and he also transformed into a lady. That's not all, she also that she loves rattlesnakes and she considered them as her second mother, that's why she made her tongue to look like that of a snake. She said that she's creating an HIV/AIDS awareness through her looks, what she's trying to say is that she's inspiring people not to be scared when they have HIV because that's what made her quit her job.

She actually thought she was going to die when she found out about her condition but thanks to God she's still healthy to date and she's currently 58 years old.

With the help of surgeries, she managed to get herself two tiny horns, her tongue split up, she tattooed her body. She has spent 60,000 dollars which is 23.2 million naira to look the way she is in these photos you're about to see and so far she's happy with her new looks.

Check out these photos of Tiamat the dragon lady.

Tell us what you think about Medusa, do you think it's worth the spending? Share your thoughts in the comment section and don't forget to follow me for more updates.

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