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Fiction: The story of the demigod Episode three

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This story is an epic story enjoy

The story of the Demigod

Episode three 

The genuine love olanma had for Obinze was unstoppable, not even her brother's taunt could stop her. She was forward with her feelings and knew when her heart gave her signals related to Obinze.

Although Obinze didn't declare his feelings to her she still knew that their closure was boundless. They grew up together in love because she was amongst the few that didn't despise him, when Obidike interrupted his daughter's departure to Obinze's place she felt paused; she wanted to resist and leave, she wanted to run off immediately if only time could stop.

When Olanma recalled the despair she saw in Ifediri's eyes she knew something was wrong, she could feel the negativity bounded around the scenario, now that it is fully night time, heads have laid to sleep, it might seem like a better opportunity to clarify her doubts about Obinze being involved in any form of harm if only she could see Obinze sleeping peacefully in his hut

"Father please I beg of you just this once let me see him, please" she stared at her father's tall figure he breathed so hard exhibiting his dominance. 

"I refuse to such stupidity, why are you so attached to that boy. All these years I fought so hard to see you stay away from him but you didn't. I later permitted you to be friends with him during the day but not at night why cant you..... Olaaaanma you are the only daughter of your mother, Nkem my Second wife I can't let you perish over that cursed boy"

"Father Obinze is not cursed, he is...." 

"Keep shut go to your hut it is late don't say I didn't warn you" 

All this while Nnadi her brother kept mute and watched the exchange, he didn't want to interfere so as to avoid any conflict of choice. Siding his sister could make his father hate him. Supporting his father's hatred towards obinze could lead to an upfront between him and Olanma 

Obidike sat on his bamboo back chair in front of his hut in order to monitor his daughter's movement he was ready to take actions if she disobeyed, on the other hand, she did not consider disobedience as a solution she only threw her mat on the ground and sat near her father still he wasn't convinced. Nnadi had gone into his hut he shared with his brothers to sleep he didn't want to witness any other disagreement and he thanked his stars he wasn't called upon by either his father or his sister.


Obinze struggled with his posture difficulty he watched the oil lamp burn out, he was stressed out and felt a dry lump in his throat. A few minutes later someone unknown to him walked in; at first, he thought it was Nnanna but as time drifted further he questioned the dark silhouette appearance.

"Who are you? he asked fiercely he felt the need to sound strong in other seem fearless. The person he questioned was still silent

" father if you are the one, then speak up," he said weakly. "In the dark, I could see everything even the thinnest fly. Now I am vulnerable and my eyes are filled with blocks of tears from the night cold everything seems so blur don't stand there and look at me please release me" 

"Do you really want to know who I am, I thought you would recognize me, I am not Nnanna your grandfather I am your father" 

Obinze laughed the man sounded ridiculous to him(obinze) he grew up without a father, the only father he knew was Nnanna. He began to believe that his tired mind was playing games with him, he grinned before trying to lift his eyes to get a clearer view still he saw nothing but a dark figure. 

"Your mind isn't playing games with you, you are my son. It's I your father"

"How did you know what I was thinking" 

"It doesn't matter, after my visit you will be free and regain your strength, by the following morning everything will go back to normal it will seem as though none of this happened. Everyone would forget that Amafeuwa came to tire you down, those power you possess are coming forward for a reason, If all I say happens then I would expect you to believe me" 

The man drew closer and kissed his head, at that point the power bind of rope done by Amafeuwa the chief priest was released. 

"When I come next time we shall visit the fortune teller to show you the writings in your stars" at point Obinze snoozed off and the cock crowed.


Olanma sat close to her father and after a long silence, she began to feel sleepy. Obidike noticed how exhausted his daughter was which lead to an unbelievable thought within him. He thought about his daughter's future with Obinze how bad it would turn out if they get segregated. His was among the elder's council in the king's cabinet it will bring shame and disgrace to his family. He had hope for a better suitor for his daughter and not a rejected stone.

"I think you should go and sleep inside," Nnanna said after much wondering 

"Father I had waited for your approval but you didn't give it to me" 

"Because I hate that Boy, he doesn't deserve your affection. Why do you believe so much in him" 

"If I tell you would you believe me, would you give your consent not only to see him but to accept him as a suitor" 

Obidike had to play his cards right he wanted to know why without giving his authorization to their tidings. 

" let me still tell you because I know you won't approve it"

"I don't know what it is that will convince me to approve your stupidity, but I hope it is reasonable"

Tears rolled down her cheeks it was hard for her when everyone saw her as a fool for loving someone

"According to The writings in the stars Obinze is the long-awaited one to relieve our kingdom and I am his guide through the path of his destiny, the one to be by his side"

"What hypothecal nonsense, who told you that ...."

It made obidike furious so much he had regretted birthing Olanma, how she had the guts to tell him about stupid writings in the stars.

"The only thing that turned is that I am now in love with him though he hasn't declared his love in response to me, I am the only stupid one in love," she said before she fell into a deep slumber.

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