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There Are Two Different Ada Jesus Who Are Comedians, Look At These Photos So You Don’t Mix Them Up

“Ada Jesus” has been a trending topic across social media platforms and a lot of people have been talking about this topic. What led to this name blowing up recently is because of the case of a comedienne (female comedian) who had chronic health issues and was being carried from one place to another. 

This comedienne whose name is Ada Jesus made videos in the past, blasting men of God and this is why her family thought that what she is facing is beyond physical as they have tried different hospitals and gotten no change. So they have been carrying her to the places of the people she insulted in the past to seek forgiveness, hoping she will get her healing after she gets forgiveness. 

However, there might be a little mix up somewhere, which I am going to clear up. Aside this female comedian who is having health issues, there is another female comedian who bears the same name “Ada Jesus”, who is also a famous comedian on Instagram and is known for making skits on Instagram. This is the reason why a lot of people might mix them up, because they have some similar features. They are both females, they are also into comedy and the both of them are also bearing the same name (Ada Jesus). From the images, you can tell that they are two different people.

The other comedian, Ada Jesus who is not sick also bears another name on Instagram known as Nons Miraj. Her real name is Chinonso and she is famous, because she has about 293k followers on Instagram and is followed by a lot of celebrities. She has created a video saying that some people thought it was her who is sick and they were reaching out to her. She thanked them for caring about her in the video.

On the other hand, the Ada Jesus who is currently having health issues, her real name is Mercy Cynthia and she is a 23 year old lady from Orlu, Imo State

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