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Living with the bad boy (Episode 28)

The next few days flew by. +

On the anniversary of Jess's death, I spent it inside my home with the Carters. I think Ally and Mark must have filled the younger boys in. Which I'm thankful for.

I weirdly didn't cry much that day. I think I must have cried everything out when Tyler came home. He done what he said he would. He listened while I spoke and he wiped my tears away.

We woke up the next morning in each other's arm and I found a great deal of comfort in that.

Christopher and Dan came round for a bit and joined us before having to retreat back home. They both know what happened. I told Christoper a while ago and I think Tyler must have told Dan before he came over, which I'm not bothered about in the slightest since he's practically my brother. 1

Over the next couple days I met up with the girls and told them what had happened. They knew something was up with me since I had been miserable over the past week. I decide I shouldn't hide Jess from the people who mean the most to me.

I spoke to my friends back home and they told me they were going to go visit Jess. They put some flowers down for me and we have a nice chat over FaceTime.

I didn't really speak to my parents though.

I've finally realised that what happened was not my fault and when I actually realised that and believe it my nightmares stopped. I hadn't had a nightmare in a week and at this time of year that was unheard of.

What's different about here is people don't treat me different about what happened, they treat me like I'm me. I'm not the sister of the dead girl here and that's what I love.

It's been a week since the anniversary and I'm feeling a whole lot better.

Proms slowly catching up though so yesterday was the the day I got dragged around my tile dress shops with Bella, Lily and Zara.

I know Zara already has hers it's a blue dress. It's tight around the body and fans out at the bottom. It is very stunning.

I wasn't sure what colour I was going to get but I do have one in mind. Tyler's been asking me me what colour I was thinking so he could buy his tie but I think I'm going to make it a surprise. I asked Ally if she'd get his tie for him so he wouldn't find out the colour till the day.

After hours and hours of shopping I had finally found the dress and I am so in love with it! All the girls also found their dresses too, all in different colours.

The more I think about prom the more excited I get. I'll have no one to worry about unlike my actual prom, well besides Dean but I've not seen him in while.

Until now.

I'm walking down the hallway with Christopher and Daniel just before class starts. Tyler had to go see the football coach before class started.

It's like everyone's eyes are on me. Whispering about me.

We see Dean standing with his friends near the fire exit and I huddle in closer to Chris as he wraps his arm around my shoulder while Dan steps even closer to me protectively. That's when I walk past the lockers and a group of boys who I think are maybe in our year and hear the word sister being whispered amongst them.

"What did you just say?"

All boys remain silent while looking down at the ground.

"She asked you a question." Dan half shots while punching a locker causing the boys too look more in panic. One of them begins to slowly reach in to his bag and pulls out a sheet of paper.

This was put in our lockers." +

That's all he says before he thrusts the paper in to my hand and practically runs off with his friends running behind.

I unfold the paper and I can't believe what I see .

It's the news article from back home. Basically pinning me on Jess death. Not one saying it was an accident. I've read over his article a million times, I practically know it off by heart but that still doesn't make it easier. 1

Daniel rips it out my hand, scrunching it up and thats when I notice Christopher snatching copies our of kids hands and picking up discarded articles off the floor.

"Well I mean.. I guess this day can only get better from here right?"

"Do you want to leave? I'll take you." Christopher asks.

"No it's ok. I've not done anything wrong. If anyone has a problem it's their problem not mine."

"You're spectacular you know that right?" 1

I laugh until I see the door leading to the corridor get swung open.

"Where the fuck is he?!" Tyler roars which causes the students to completely shut up and stop staring at me. 10


"I'm going to fucking kill him! I swear." 2

"I'll join." Dan replies while walking to Tyler. 10

"Well you see.. I bruise like a peach so I'll cheer on from the sidelines." Christopher says seriously while going back to picking up a few more discarded papers. 33

I let out a laughing sort of snort while whipping round to try find Tyler through the crowd of people. That's when I see him with Dean and his friends.

I immediately start pushing my way through the gathering crowd and when I finally manage to push through I see them. Head to head.

I quickly push my way in between them and place my hands on Tyler's hard chest trying to separate them a little.

"Look at me Tyler. Leave it. For me."

He looks down at my and let's out a breath before taking a step back.

Until Dean pipes up again.

"How sweet the sister killer defending the.." 15

The next second a fist comes flying above me and Deans on the ground with Tyler on top of him, punching him over and over again.

"Tyler stop!" 3

One of Deans 'friends' pushes him to the ground to give Dean an advantage to start laying in to Tyler. Daniel grabs the guy and throws him against the locker. 5

Mr Wright bursts through the crowd and attempts to pull Tyler, who managed to get back on top of Dean, off but clearly can't alone. I step forward to try to help and then I feel a stinging pain in my face as I hit the ground.

Did Dean just hit me?

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Tyler bellows. 4

People in the crowd loudly gasp as they realise what I did. He done it on purpose. There was no way he could have done it by accident due to the position he was in.

"Amelia!" Mr Wright let's go of a now frenzied Tyler and rushes to my side helping me up as Chris does the same, while Dan takes on another of Deans friends.

"Mr Carter, Mr Taylor! My office now!" The head Mr Wilson practically screams down the hall.

The cheering crowd immediately shuts up before running off to their classes which they are very late too anyway.

Tyler manages to get in more punch to Deans already gushing nose before Daniel grabs him off of him and pushes him towards the principle. Dean slowly peels himself off the ground, limping after him. 7

The only people left standing in front of Mr Wright is me, Daniel and Chris.

"Christopher get to class now. Yous two, get in my room, now."

Christopher doesn't move and continues staring at me.

"Chris!" Mr Wright shouts again.

I give Chris a small nod and smile before he slowest picks up his bag and walks towards his class, continuously looking back.

Me and Daniel slowly make our way to Mr Wright's empty room.

He slams the door shut making me jump slightly. "What is this?" He asks while holding up the article Dean had printed and thrown all about the school.

"It's a piece of paper." Daniel answers with a tiny smirk.

"I knows it's a piece of paper you little shi.." Mr Wright let's out a breath. "Why was hundred of copies thrown around the school?"

"You want the truth?" Daniel answers. I legit can't even speak. Why would someone be this malicious because someone didn't want them? I lift my hand to my still stinging face and flinch.

"That's why I asked."

"That big freak out there practically forced himself on Amelia at at party and then began constantly threatening her to Tyler because he knows he li.." He stops for a second before continuing. "He then blackmailed Tyler to stay away from Amelia or he'd tell everyone what happened to her and her sister. Tyler tried to stay but inevitably couldn't so here we are."

"Amelia is this true."

I instinctively reach up and hold on to Jess's necklace, only managing to answer with a small nod.

"We aren't done here Daniel but for now get to class."

"I'm not leaving without Amelia."

"I'm not giving you a choice. Get out now or you'll be in the same position Tyler is now. Don't think I didn't see you fight too." Mr Wright hisses.

"Dan, I'm fine. I'll see you soon okay?"

He looks at me for a moment before heading out the door.


"So." Mr Wright starts. "I obviously know what parts of this nonsense and I know majority won't be true but I'd like you to explain it to me." He asks while throwing the paper in the bin.

"Me and my sister went out to play just before the storm hit. It's true that we thought someone was watching us so we ran. I tripped and fell it the river and the last thing I remember before waking from a months long coma is that me sister Jess died saving me. That news site is semi known for writing lies in stories to attempt to make them more interesting."

My Wright asks a LOT of questions which basically makes me have to explain the entire situation of the accident. I also explain about the whole Amelia-Rose thing and how Dean actually found out what happened.

After just finishing explaining everything to Mr Wright, the school speakers intercom starts blasting.

"To my fellow student. Ive came on here to say something quick. Ignore everything you read today on that article that the prick, we all know as Dean, decided to share because it's not true. None of it. Don't believe everything you read and if you actually want to know, truthfully, what happened, then grow a pair and actually ask her instead of whispering and staring at her like she's done something wrong. And also Amelia, don't listen to whatever these losers have to say and never forget how much of an incredible girl you are, I l.."

Tyler River Carter get off that now!!" Mr Wilson roars before you hear fumbling around. "Sorry about that. Everyone continue.. learning." He stutters. 10

I let out a bark of laughter before looking up at an amused Mr Wright.

"He's some boy isn't he?" He asks which causes me to laugh again.

"Thanks for listening and not just jumping to conclusions." I say honestly.

"Always. I'm sorry you had to go through that, I lost my brother when I was younger and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. You ever need to talk I'm here to listen. Plus I know I'm a math teacher but that article was full of spelling and grammatical errors which made it seem fake." He laughs. "Anyway Miss Amelia-Rose, you head to the nurse and get that cheek looked at because if I'm being honest it doesn't look that great. And I'm going to speak to Mr Wilson to make sure he's properly and rightly filled in and hopefully save Tyler from expulsion."

It's now lunch and Tyler's not been in any of his classes and I'm not sure where he is. Apparently Dean left to go to the hospital during his chat with the principle. 6

After quickly finishing lunch with minimal stares from everyone and after having my friends never leave my side, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I legit have to force Bella to remain seated.

I turn the corner to see Mr Wilson walking out the fire exit which gives me the perfect opportunity to check his office to see if Tyler's there.

I try my best to quietly open the door before slipping in.

"What are you doing here babydoll?" Tyler asks while standing up and hurrying over to me from a chair that's against the wall where the door is.

"I was worried about you when you never turned up to any classes! Tyler your face!" I reach up and put my hands on either side of his face, gently dragging it down to my level. He's got a dark bruise forming right down the side of his face and a black eye on the same side. I trace my thumb slowly over the bruised area and place a soft kiss on it, he visibly gulps. "You didn't have to do that for me."

"No one ever speaks about you like that. Even thinking of him touching you is making me.. Christ Amelia that looks bad." He's not wrong. The side of my face is completely red/purple and slightly swollen. You can practically see Deans handprint. "Is it sore?" 10

"Yeah very." I reply honestly. "What are you doing in here anyway?" I ask still holding his face.

"Mr Wright really saved me. I've got out of class expulsion for 2 weeks plus detention for a month." 2

"He did?"

"Yeah, he really likes you Amelia. He came in after yous spoke and explained everything. Obviously Mr Wilson would believe him over me and Dean. Even though we had the same stories. He covered for Dan too, said he never lifted a hand to anyone. Dean and his friend on the other hand is not allowed to step foot on the property again."

"I really loved your message over the intercom. It made my day."

"I meant it you know, you really are incredible and I wanted the whole school to know it. Who cares if I had to fight with Mr Wilson over the mic."

I can't help but smile and throwing myself on to Tyler. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me in tighter. "I'm so proud of you." I lean up to place a kiss on Tyler's lips and that's when the door flies open.

"I'm rather shocked you weren't here sooner and I'd rather not have my desk be the place of.." 1

"You certainly don't have to worry about that Sir." I manage to choke out while pushing Tyler off me as he continues to laugh.

"I guess Mr Carter told you the good news?" +

I raise an eyebrow.

"Mr Taylor not returning? He's been a troublemaker for years that boy I'm glad he's finally never coming back but let's just keep that between us." He slumps in his desk before turning to face me.

"I'm very sorry for what happened with your sister and for what happened today. You're clearly a very strong young lady to be able to get through something like that. My deepest condolences to you."

"Thank you Sir." 9

"Now the bells about to ring so now it's time for you to head to class and Tyler to continue with his chemistry. I'm also thankful that you managed to increase Tyler's grades."

"No problem, you know me happy to help, I'll see you later Tyler."

I open the door. "And Amelia?"

I turn back to face the principle.

"Get some ice for your face it really doesn't look too good." 1

"Thanks Sir, you're only the third person to tell me that!"

We walked through the front door and through to the kitchen where Ally and Mark were sitting, while Ethan runs upstairs to shelter from the shouting that's probably about to happen.

"Hey kids how was your... What the fuck?!" Mark accidentally slips out while standing up and pulling us closer to get a better look at our faces. 5

"Tyler I swear! What have I told you about fighting?! And now you've dragged Amelia in to it. That's it.." Ally begins to shout louder than I've ever heard her. 1

"It wasn't Tyler's fault."

After explaining the full story once again to Mark and Ally, they aren't as mad about Tyler fighting. They actually seemed pretty proud of him but they had wished we spoke to them about what was going on with Dean in the first place.

We did however have to stop Mark from walking out the door and over to Deans house for hitting me. 14

Dinner was a little awkward and Ethan kept going on about how awesome Tyler's fight was, until I got hit.

We both retreat upstairs to our own rooms. I lock my main door and begin getting changed in to shorts and Calvin Klein bra.

Tyler comes through the door while typing on his phone. "You know I never got a chance to thank you for speaking to Mr Wright I would of been in deep shit if I got expelled. Wow." He smirks walking towards me and while finally looking at me.

You know you have a bit of drool right there." I say while pointing to my mouth. "You don't have to thank me, you know I never got to proper thank you for what you done." +

"Yeah you d.."

I step closer and smash my lips to his, I reach my heads up and wrap them round his neck. It takes a second for Tyler to process what's going on before he kisses me back with so much forces. He pulls me even closer by the hips. I tug his hair and he opens his mouth just enough so I can skip my tongue in. We starts walking backwards and we fall backwards on the bed. His hands begin to roam all over my body. 15

I tug the them of his shirt and he gets the hint. He swiftly rips off his t-shirt throwing it on the ground. He takes control of the kiss as I run my hands over the lines of his abs. I lean my head back as he begins kissing my neck then begins moving to just under my ear. I teasingly trace his V shape and that's when he pulls away. 3

"We have to stop now or I won't be able to."

"What's wrong with that?" I pull him back down and his lips once again reach mine. I rolls us over so I'm now on top, straddling him. I take control of the kiss and start grinding my lower half against his. He lets out a moan and I move my mouth down to kiss his neck. His hands are holding my ass. I plant one last on his lips before sitting up. "You're right we should stop. Wouldn't want you to get too excited. Oh wait." 1

"You're such a tease. You can thank me like that anytime but for now I'm going to have to go for an extremely cold shower."

After Tyler's shower he crawls in bed beside me, wrapping his arms around me like usual. We spend a couple hours talking about nonsense till we fall asleep in each other's arms. 3

Just how it should be.


However, the next morning Tyler got me back for teasing him.

I was in the bathroom and had just finished brushing my teeth when the door from his side flies open. He's wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and his body is still dripping from the shower.

I'm standing looking in the mirror patting my face dry, I try my hardest to look not bothered by him but it's becoming increasingly hard. He stands behind me and puts his hands on my hips pulling me backwards. "How's my favourite girl this morning?"

"Fine." Is the only word I manage to squeeze out.

Tyler leans forward and begins kissing my neck from behind me, I turn my neck to the side to give him easier access and he takes the opportunity to burrow his face in the crook of my neck.

He spins me round and pushes me against the sink and starts kissing me with so much passion. I trail my hand down his wet chest and reach for the top of his town before he clutches my hand. "Got to go Carson, see you later."

Then he walks out the room dropping his towel behind him....

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