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The Best Funny Pictures And Screenshots On Today's Internet.

First of all thank you for clicking on this article and I hope you find it useful. If not sorry to have wasted your time. Here we go.

This guy has suffered.The friendzone is so bad. Imagine spending 200 dollars.

Netflix is cracking jokes. Lol.

I wonder if this is actually true. But which kin hide and seek.

This guy is clearly suffering. He should have just bought takeaway and eaten his food at home.

I donteven understand what was wrong with teachers on the low.

This one was weird.

I have never ever finished any pen ink. This guy must be very careful sha.

I wonder.

This girl is obviously very confused or maybe she is trying to just make a joke and get attention.

If they give you this pen to write your final exam and you repeat.


Shit is not even funny.

Siblings sha. They are just always beefing.

No matter how hard you try you just can never pack all of the dirt into the parker. Frustrating.

How many did you notice.

The end.

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Lol Netflix


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