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'Is She Well Trained Or Just Good Girl'?- See Picture Of A Girl Selling Charcoal That Got Reactions

Do you ever wonder whether good girls still exist?. What about good men?. The society we are living in today has made everyone suspicious of their fellow human beings. It is not uncommon to see people warn others to stay clear of specific members of the public. This is not because they hate these people, but because of what these set of people have done in the past.

The question is, who do we blame for this? and why must we blame them?

Blame is one thing that helps in correcting people of their excesses, it sometimes helps in correcting members of the public. Blaming people is good but sometimes it is bad, especially when it is wrong done. It is good to blame people for their wrong actions, but it is more appropriate to do it with moderation.

Recently, a picture of a girl is circulating on social media. This picture was posted on Facebook by a Facebook user identified simply as, Shu Gar Gold, in a Facebook group Inter-varsity connect (IVC). It shows a beautiful lady selling charcoal. This picture depicts that girls are hardworking. It defeats the notion that certain girls are not hard working. This is a good example for you to remember, always.

What this goes to show is that women are indeed very hardworking as their male counterparts. This post has however raised an eyebrow. The question in the lips of many Nigerians is this;

• Would you rather marry a hardworking girl selling charcoal or a slay queen doing just nothing?.

• Do you think women are more hardworking than men?.

• Do you enjoy seeing hardworking men and women?.

• What do you think makes people lazy?.

My opinion.

I feel that Nigerian women are generally hardworking. Personally, my mom is very hardworking. I remember when my dad lost his business and we were left with nothing. My mother sustained her entire house through her business.

Here is what Nigerians are saying so far;


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