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Nickelodeon TV series: Top 5 most mean characters

#5. Sage

Sage also known as captain mean face(by Ciara) is ranked as #5 most mean character in the Nickelodeon TV series. Sage is a ride and mischievous girl whose major agenda is to manipulate her tricks to the Phoenix squad. Sage is the leader of kraken squad who later had a huge crush on Warwick. One of the most remarkable mean comment sage said was "Awwn, I'm gonna miss to you. Ahhh! Just kidding.... you're the worst !!"

#4. Clark

Clark is a recurring character bin the Nickelodeon TV series school of rock. He is ranked as #4 most mean character. Yes, Clark is really strict and cute but aside that, Clark also has a mean personality towards Mr. Finn and his students. Clark never rest until he book all to the blacklist, one of his frenemy is tomika.

#3. Mrs Wong

Mrs Wong is the owner of the Wong pizza palace and the popular restaurant" splat burger" in hiddenville. She's ranked #3 most mean character because of her obnoxious ego in taking down her opponent. Mrs. Wong is a sarcastic, mean, grouchy nonsense woman who hates the Thundermans family with her whole heart.

#2. Piper Hart

Piper Hart is ranked as #2 most mean character. She's the sister of Henry Hart and the enemy of progress to Jasper. Piper is ranked #2 most mean character because of her personality, anger issues, and of course unlike the others, Piper has 2 criminal records in the swellview police department. Piper's catch phrase is "That's not okay"

#1. Sam Puckett

Samantha Puckett also known as Sam is ranked #1 most mean character. Sam personality is so different from others. Sam never back down to a fight, she bully others, irrespective of who you are, and like piper, Sam has 6 criminal records and several country restrictions which makes her the top in the chart.

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