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Ten most meaningful African proverbs

With the quest for expanded communication, most Africans are decisive in using proverbs and wise sayings to convey their message or advice.

Today we present a quite list of meaningful African proverbs :

1. Only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet's .

meaning : you don't jump into a situation without thinking or understanding it.

2. Do not look where you fell, but look where you slipped.

meaning : don't look at your mistake, look at the cause of your mistake in other not to repeat the same mistake.

3 . If a child washes his hands, he could eat with kings.

meaning: if you prepare and allow yourself to be well trained when opportune, you will be favoured in due course

4. The rain does not fall on one roof.

meaning: Everyone has problems too.

5. A roaring lion kills no one.

meaning: You can not achieve something by just talking about it.

6. A restless feet may walk into a snake pit.

meaning: if someone is busy doing something he know nothing about, he/she get into trouble easily

7. A chick that will grow into a cock can be spotted the very day it hatches.

meaning: you can predict the future of something from the characters and attributes it exhibit today.

8. Do not sail using someone else's star.

meaning: do not copy someone else , especially thinking the way they get favoured is the same way you will follow to get favoured too.

9. The best way to eat an elephant in your path, is to cut it into little pieces.

meaning: the best way to solve all your problems is by taking them one at a time.

10. Do not call the forest that shelters you a jungle.

meaning: do not insult someone who takes care of you or your responsibilities.

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