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Twitter influencer Omotara is willing to kneel down and begged a beggar she teased over a drink

Omotara video where she was seen driving and teasing a little girl who begged for alms went viral on social media. The video is not healthy at all as people take it personal which is understandable.

Omotara have come to explained what really happened on BBC. She said, " I didn't do what I did to wronged the little girl as people sees it. She said she was just playing with the girl. She also said laughing in the video was as a result of a drinks sellers laughing at both of them triggered her to laugh too.

She apologized to all Nigerians for the mistake and she said she's willing to apologise to the little girl as she have been searching for her. She haven't find her and searching continue. She said she will definitely kneel down and apologize to show that she mean no evil to that child.

Omotara said how the video leaked is still a misery to her as she didn't share it anywhere aside from her WhatsApp status. She said she eventually gave the girl money which wasn't recorded in the video as she's not doing that for fun.

Hmm, to Omotara she didn't see the situation as people tagged it but I must say people view on such matter is not wrong too. She has apologized and I hope she will be forgiven by all. To err is human to forgive is divine an adage says.

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