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23 Years After Yoruba Movie 'Oleku', See Recent Photos Of Ajani And The 3 Ladies He Was In Love With

How time flies, who would believed that the Yoruba movies named Oleku, that thrilled us back then is more than 23 years old. It will interest you to know that most of the actors, are still looking beautiful and amazing. Some of them have left acting, but some of them are still in the movie industry.

Oleku is a movie that thrilled us in the 90s, it is a movie that we learnt a lot of lessons from.

Oleku which was shot in the 1997 is a blockbuster, that featured amazing actors and actresses such as Lere Paimo, Saka Ayetoro, Yemi Shodimu, Omolola Amusa, Feyikemi Abodunrin and so many more.

Oleku tells the story of of a final year student named Ajani, who was under pressure by his mother to bring a wife home, because she wants to carry her grandchildren, during the process of trying to get a wife, Ajani got entangled with three ladies named Lola, Shade and Asake.

Let's take a look at the recent photos of the main cast

Yemi Shodimu as Ajani

Ajani which was played by Yemi Shodimu, is a final year student who was pressured by his mother to take a wife, and during the process of looking for a wife he got entangled with three ladies.

See his recent photos;

Fayikemi Abodunrin as Asake

Asake which was played By Fayikemi Abodunrin, is one of the girlfriend of Ajani, she was his long time girlfriend and she love Ajani very much, and she tried commiting suicide because of him.

See her current photos;

Pauline Dike as Lola

Lola who was played by Pauline Dike, is also one of the girlfriend of Ajani. She is an undergraduate and she tried to fight for Ajani, but she left him when she heard that Asake is pregnant for him.

See her current photos;

Lola Amusa as Sade

Sade who was played by Lola Amusa is also one of the girlfriend of Alani, but he later chooses her as his wife.

See her current photos;

The lead character are still looking beautiful and handsome after 23 years.

Oleku is a movie that can be watch over and over again.

If you would love to watch the movie again, click this link below

Do you think the movie ended well? Do you think Ajani should have chosen another lady? Who do you think he should have chosen?

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