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See the transformation of Babe and Kenzie from Game Shakers

Before we get into it I am sure y'all know the Nickelodeon sitcom Game shakers that premiered 2016 well you know how small they all looked back then here are some rare photo you might have not seen

Babe Cerono

Her real name is Cree Ciccino. She was born in Queens, New York on May 9, 2002. She was just four years old when she performed as a dancer for the first time in her life. As a dancer, she is especially fond to the styles of hip hop and jazz funk. She is currently in a relationship with this guy in the picture below. Although, People think they are engaged they are not it was just a joke. Which she later addressed.

Kenzie Bell

This is the co owner of game shakers. Her real name is Madisyn Shipman is an American actress. She is known for playing Kenzie Bell in the Nickelodeon sitcom Game Shakers.

Born: 20 November 2002 (age 17 years), Kings Mountain, North Carolina, United States

Height: 1.47 m

Nationality: American

I think Kenzie(Madysyn Shipman) actually killed it cause she looks really good like other characters that plays the smart nerd and in real they turn out lame. She actually played a nerd and in real life she is a bad chic if you ask me

Here is a bonus

I know right they are all grown and finer that's what money does makes you look good

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