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Story : A Client From Hell Episode 4


I was floating in the sky, around me were tiny angels, two of them held my hands and were lifting me round. It was beautiful, I looked behind me and realized I had wings too. I flew downwards with speed, breaking free from the angels holding me, the wind gently caressing my face. It felt beautiful to fly. I started to sing, the angels joined me, we all held hands, flying and singing. I landed beside a pool of water, the angels hovering round me, some few meters above my head. I looked into the pool and when I saw my reflection my countenance changed, there was blood all over my face and there was nothing where my eyes were supposed to be, it was totally hollow. I looked straight into the hollow darkess and began to panic. I knelt beside the pool and started to splash water on my face franctically, the water becoming a pool of crimson blood, the angels began to laugh and were now transforming into tiny demons slowly flying towards me, my panic increased tripple fold and I started to scream. The demons were now on me, scratching, biting. I screamed.

I woke up with a scream, totally disoriented but when I saw Linda staring directly into my eyes brandishing a machete, I knew I had woken up from a nightmare and into another one. She laughed in a way only monsters do and dragged me by my hair, pulling me rough across the floor towards where Caleb was sitting. I wished I could black out again.

''Stand up and continue your job, bitch, or I'll cut off your hands, one finger at a time.'' As she spoke, I slowly got up directly standing in front of Caleb. It would be stupid to outrightly disobey her and even though I was scared and wounded I still believed I would be able to survive this. Blood tickled from my head, I wiped it off with the back of my palm and rubbed it on my short skirt.

I slowly moved towards Caleb, pulling off my skirt as I did. I tore off my top and let my breats fall bare. I took a side glance at Linda and saw that she was smiling, the machete hanging loosely by her right hand side. I eyed the machete and continued towards Caleb. I pulled off my white pants and began to slowly rub my thighs with my hands and did a kind of stripper dance.

I traced my fingers from my lips slowly to my breasts, squeezing and gently pinching my tips, bending my legs in the process and rocking back and forth, I continued dancing. With one of my hands still on my Tips, I moved the other hand to my thighs, making a circular motion inbetween my legs I started to rub the areas around my pussy.

My plan was simple, I'll do whatever she wants until she lets her guard down, then I'll launch myself at her with a fight to the death, if I could get the machete to fall of her hand we might have an even match and even though I knew she was stronger and would easily defeat me, I decided I would try still. It was either a fight at a chance for survival or just death by machete.

I heard someone moan. Definitely not mine. I looked behind me and saw Linda was doing exactly what I was doing and moaning. What kind of fucked up person is this, I thought to myself. As I watched her reaction, I continued with more intensity, rubbing and squeezing and moaning, our moaning reaching a melody only demons can dance to. It was a madhouse, a slaughter house and if Linda was crazy, I guess it's time I up my game and be crazy too.

I danced towards her, still rubbing and squeezing, my adrenaline rising to an unimaginable degree, my pulse increased, my heart started to beat fast pounding like steam engines from china and for the first time since this ordeal started, I had a clear head. Linda was rubbing her pussy too and moaning really loudly, she was definitely enjoying this, even from this distance I could tell she was dripping wet.

I was a few meter away, one more step and I'll be a diving distance from her. I calculated, the force from my dive should be able to send the machete flying from her grip and once I flung myself at her, I would aim for her neck and squeeze, cutting off her supply of oxygen, not letting go. I danced. Just one more step. I took the step and just as I was about to take that dive, that dive that would end everything, she raised the machete towards me, stopping me dead in my tracks, I took a step back, the tears falling uncontrollably. ''What do you think you are doing? If you take one more step towards me I'll cut you in two'' Linda blurted out, totally out of breath.

''Go back and continue'' she screamed.

I moved back towards Caleb, kneeling down in front of him, I planted my face and breasts on his lap and started crying uncontrollably.

- To be continued...


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