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How I Reacted to My Father’s Disappointment With My Music Career - Fireboy

Young Nigerian singer Fireboy DML is one of the most talented and one of the most exciting new artistes in music. With hit songs such as King and Scatter, the boy has ruled the airways for some time now and is slowly but surely building quite the fanbase for himself.

But just like many young artistes, it wasn’t easy for Fireboy in the beginning. In a sit-down interview with Chude, Fireboy DML opened up about how his father wasn’t supportive – in fact not only not supportive, “disappointed” in Fireboy’s choice to go into music.

In the interview, Chude asked Fireboy what he thought about his father saying that he was disappointed and how he dealt with that. This is what Fireboy DML said.

Fireboy on #WithChude

This segment of questioning started with Chude asking Fireboy:

As a younger person did you always know you were not gonna do a typical job?

To which Fireboy responded:

Well at some point I thought I was going to end up as a professor. Yes, a professor of Literature. Because I was this book-smart, library prefect, I was giving my parents ‘this one is going to end up as a scholar’, so when I switched up on them, it was really hard for them to take. So I really thought I was going to end up like that. But when I had some clarity, I knew that I was never going to end up doing a 9-5 job. I would not do that. I was gonna do anything it takes. I prayed to God, I said “God the only kind of hardwork I want to have in this life is stressful flights, long studio sessions, sweating on stage, I don’t care.” That’s the kind of hard work I want.

Then Chude asked him:

How did your parents take this “great” news?

To which Fireboy responded:

Well they didn’t take it too well because I just switched up on them suddenly. They didn’t even know at some point. Until my dad started monitoring my grades by himself and was like ‘what’s going on?’ so I had to tell him the truth. My mum is a softie so it was easy to get her to support me but my dad – every call always ended in ‘Well, I hope you’re good but I always have to insist and I’m disappointed in you’ – urgh! Please. But at some point, he realized that this is a grown man. You have to make your own decisions yourself. But things didn’t really fall into place until it started making sense then my dad realized ‘oh okay, we have something here.’ And then in the evening, he’ll just put his phone on his potbelly listening to What If I Say or King or one of those.

Then Chude asked:

At that time was it painful that he didn’t get it? Especially when he used a word like disappointment?

Fireboy responded:

Omo, I no reason anybody that time oh. Fam, I was just focused on my stuff. It didn’t really get to me cuz I knew it was going to come to that. So my whole point was I have to make it. It was even a booster for me that you know what? You have to prove everybody wrong.

Parental disappointment is no joke. I’m happy that it all worked out in the end for Fireboy DML, but it doesn’t work out for a lot of people. Happy that his father finally came around, the boy is really giving us some really amazing music.

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