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Stop Saying " My names are" see the right words to say

I was already rounding off work (not ‘rounding up’) on the topic I initially wanted to discuss this week when a visual artist and friend, Mufu Onifade, brought up the issue of ‘My names are …’ on Facebook. Like many other people, he finds the expression nauseating and thus wondered why some people feel comfortable using it.

Despite the fact that it has been established several times that ‘My names are…’ is grammatically wrong, a lot of people still flaunt it the way Davido and many other stars flaunt their super cars. At different events, I have heard many people say it, usually with exaggerated confidence, when they wanted to introduce themselves. To them, it is better to say ‘My names are…’ than ‘My name is …’ because they have more than ‘a name’. They notionally take into account their first name, surname, middle name and every other one they might have amassed.

We all agree that English is not our ‘mother tongue’, but since we speak it, we have to speak it properly and without blunders and we need to speak it accurately.

Many of us, including the writer have fallen victim to these simple mistakes, often times because they sound correct in our ears, but in actuality, they are errors.

When it comes to asking someone what his/her name is, some tend to make blunders by saying "My Names are" which is wrong, the correct word to say is "My Name is" .

Whenever you are asked of your name the latter is the correct word... If you are like me who for once do use the wrong word by saying "my names are" , can you comment when you just learnt the correct word?

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