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Nigerians react as Russo Brothers invite Ikorodu Boiz to the premiere of their movie "Extraction 2"

There was a quote which I can never forget in my life and it still keep me going and it's like a fuel to me "Success is a journey not a destination" and I always believe that in anything you are doing don't stop to put more effort,if plan a doesn't work,you need to try the plan B and believe me result will surely come out.

All my epistles is about 4 young talented Nigerian who are very creative and intelligent,it really show in their body that "maturity is not about age",their group name is "Ikorodu Boiz".

The group was created by 3 brothers and their cousins,they are Babatunde Sanni23 years,Muiz Danni 15 years ,Malik Sanni 10 years and Fawaz Aina 13 he is their cousin, though their video always involve 3 boys,Muiz,Malik and Fawaz, Babatunde is their video editor,they get their name "Ikorodu Boiz" simply because they are from one of the popular city in Lagos State called Ikorodu.

This group of your tallented Nigerian are always recreates and mimics music video and Hollywood movies,they have over 73,300 followers on twitter and over 672,00 followers on Instagram.

They surprise the whole world yesterday 24 of June 2020 around 1:34pm when they did their own version of the Russo Brothers movie the "Extraction",and this give them international recognition from the producer of the movie and BBC news Africa.

Here is their (Ikorodu Boiz)tweet and the screenshot of the video;

"We so much love this movie and we hope @chrishemsworth and @netflix sees this remake, pls retweet 🙏🏽".

Video link;

Here is the reaction from Russo Brothers after the tweet reached them;

"This is awesome! We would love to have you guys at the #Extraction 2 premiere...DM us and we’ll get you there"!,they promised to invite them to the premiere of "Extraction part 2"

And even the popular movie app Netflix,that showed the movie through their app, acknowledge the statement from Russo Brothers;"LOVE THIS"

Waoo,this is awesome,like play like play this young talented Nigerian are going higher,it is more like hardworking and commitment,not about age or where you come from,they are not from one of the beautiful place in Lagos but they are from "Ikorodu" sub area of Lagos,they don't allow their environment to affect them, they put more effort and they are still on it.

Some Nigerians on Twitter rejoice with Ikorodu Boiz when Russo Brothers react to their tweet,below is the screenshot of some of the comments from Nigerians👇

Let congratulate this young talented and intelligent Nigerian,drop your comment below 👇

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