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Opinion: What May Happen To Whitemoney And Queen's Friendship Moving Forward

(Photo credit: Instagram).

Recently, Queen told Whitemoney that she wanted to sleep with him and Cross, and this statement from Queen really got to Whitemoney.

(Photo credit: Instagram).

In my opinion, Queen's utterance to Whitemoney may affect her friendship with him in the negative way, considering the type of person Whitemoney is.

(Photo credit: Instagram).

Whitemoney seems to be one who looks beyond the physical appearance when it comes to finding someone he will bond with romantically; he said so himself one certain time.

Whitemoney and Queen put in effort in building their friendship, as they didn't bond with each other at first sight in the house.

(Photo credit: Instagram).

However, judging from Whitemoney's reaction to Queen's statement, Whitemoney is likely to become uninterested in his friendship with Queen. No doubt, as an understanding personality with zero tolerance for keeping malice, Whitemoney will definitely overlook Queen's statement, but there may be boundaries moving forward, which will be very obvious. This is because Whitemoney's feelings for Queen began to grow with him, but according to him, Queen's statement killed everything.

(Photo credit: Instagram).

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