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I Noticed my Daughter spends longer time in the bathroom, see what I caught her doing (Fiction)

My name is Blessing, the name of my daughter is Sandra, so everybody calls me Mommy Sandra. Sandra is the only daughter I have in my life and I vowed that I will love to take care of her because her father is dead. My husband died four years ago and I couldn't give a man another chance in my life. So, I decided to take good care of her.

My daughter is in SS3, and she is very pretty and brilliant. She has won many awards for the school and am really proud about it. This also makes her teachers to like her. Her friends also really cared for her. She is a good girl trained in the ways of the Lord. And her best snacks is sausage roll, she can spend the last card on it.

But towards the end of her second term exam, she started developing strange attitude. I decided to keep this to myself to see what's going on. She doesn't spend minutes in the bathroom.

Until one day, I decided to tiptoe into the bathroom to see what is taking her so long. She had spent over 20 minutes. What I saw inside the bathroom room was shocking. My daughter was actually eating chocolates. She begged me she won't eat it again early in the morning.

I know you are surprised, but that is just a fiction. Don't forget to follow for more fictional stories, thanks.

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Blessing Mommy Sandra Sandra


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