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3 Major Titles Pasuma Used Before Picking Up "Oga Nla Of Fuji"

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Fuji music industry is quite an interesting one. Why? It is simply because almost all the stars in the industry see the other Fuji music star as a competition. And, that is quite understandable, because for a fact; each Fuji music star wants to be the best in the rating of the Fuji music fans in Nigeria. At least, if not the best overall, most of them want to be the best amongst their peers. And, they cannot achieve that without taking others in their category as a competition. So, one of the ways they use to show to the public that they are the best amongst their peers is through some of the titles they give to themselves.

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So, it would interest you to to know that, one of the foremost Fuji musicians Nigeria has seen, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma, is part of those who have exploited the use of titles to punctuate their high status as Fuji artistes in Nigeria. Because, findings have shown that before Pasuma finally settled for the title of "Oga Nla of Fuji" that he currently uses, he has used three other major titles in the course of his growth as a Fuji music star. And, most of the fans of "Ba Wasi" as Pasuma would also call himself, would attest to that fact. Because, beyond other adjunct titles which he picked up from here and there, Pasuma has actually adopted three major ones before his current "Oga Nla of Fuji", in the course of his flourishing career, and this writer would take you through them, one after the other.

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The first major title Pasuma would take so much to his heart at the early stage of his career was "Crown Prince of Fuji". And, it is interesting how that title came to be, according to findings. It was gathered that, it was after Fuji music legend, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal better known as K1, was bestowed with the title of "Oluaye" (King) of Fuji, that he decided to name a few junior Fuji artistes coming behind him with the title of "Crown Prince of Fuji". And, two out of those he gave that title to were Pasuma and King (Dr.) Saheed Akorede Okunola simply Saheed Osupa. K1, was reported to have actually named Pasuma and Saheed Osupa "Crown Prince of Fuji" about the same time. And, due to the rivalry that has always existed between Pasuma and Saheed Osupa, Pasuma was said to have added "Original" to his own title of "Crown Prince of Fuji" to show that his title was bigger the other one. 

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And, for a long while afterwards, Pasuma carried the title of "Original Crown Prince of Fuji" everywhere like an emblem to the extent that, you dare not write of mention his name publicly without adding the precious title to it. However, after some time, Pasuma saw the need to lay less emphasis on that, and lay more emphasis on another title he picked up from Mushin in Lagos State where he grew up. And, what was the next major title Pasuma adopted? It was "Golden Son of Mushin". Though, from Kwara State, Pasuma was born and bred in Mushin, and at a point in his career, the people of Mushin felt they must announce to the world that Pasuma is their own, so they bestowed him with the title of "Golden Son of Mushin".

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And, Pasuma on his own part too was so much in love with that title that he was quick to attribute it to himself in some of the albums he released at that time. So, it was that title Pasuma celebrated till he felt he wanted to be the "Otunba to K1", since K1 had become widely known as the King of Fuji music. "Otunba" simply means the right hand man to the King. And, from the moment K1 gave his blessing to the title for Pasuma, Pasuma started celebrating it like he had won a multi-million Naira Jackpot. As a matter of fact, he did a special number on that title alone, in one of his albums at the time such that he reeled out names of prominent Nigerians who also carried the title of Otunba, like himself.

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However, when an issue later cropped up between Pasuma and K1, the Orobokibo Creator, as Pasuma is also known, decided to dump the "Otunba" title to pick up his self styled title of "Oga Nla of Fuji" which simply means, "Big Boss of Fuji". Hence, amongst other adjunct titles Pasuma has picked up in his career, the four major ones have been: "Original Crown Prince of Fuji", "Golden Son of Mushin", "Otunba K1", and "Oga Nla of Fuji". 

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