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Questions And Answers On The Importance Of Wearing Hijab For Ladies.

Question: Oh sister why don't you wear hijab and fulfil the command of your lord?

Answer: imaan is in the heart not in the way of dressing!

Questioner: oh sister when imaan is in the heart hijab comes automatically out of taqwa and love for your creator!

Answerer: I pray, I fast, I give charity that's enough!

Questioner: Oh really sister? "do you believe in a part of the book and reject the other? "Surah al baqarah verse 85!

Answerer: most people that wear hijab sins and do bad things at least my heart is clean!

Questioner: My dear sister the ones who pray and fast commit sins too, so shall we all stop praying and fasting because of them? How can you know that the heart of person that wear hijab is not clean and yours is?

Answer: in our time it's hard to wear it because of many reasons!

Question: oh sister did you think that you will enter jannah without being tested and going through struggles? Or don't you remember this life is all about testing?

Answer: what are people going to say? They won't accept me!

Questioner: my dear sister, you are afraid of what people will say but you aren't afraid of the day you will be alone in your dark grave!

Or the day you will stand before Allah and see Jahanam in front of you, Remember you were born alone in this world and will die alone and will also be judge alone! 

Answerer: how will I get married then if I wear hijab or cover my face?

Questioner: Sister marriage is a blessing from Allah, Allah has already wrote it down for you before you were born, who you will marry, how and when, He will find you and love you at the right time, And a good man who fear Allah will want a woman who fear Allah too my dear.

Answerer: how will I find a job if I also cover my face and wear hijab?

Questioner: job is also a blessing from Allah, sister you can expect Allah to give you blessings while you disobey him, Didn't Allah granted rizq to Maryam as day and night while she was inside her room all her life? Don't you trust Allah?

Answerer: But majority of Muslim women today don't wear hijab and niqab!

Questioner: If majority of women stop praying will you stop praying too? Don't you know what Allah says about the majority.

This is the end of the question and answer,I believe with this you should be able to know the importance of wearing hijab and also heed advice to I, may Allah help us through.

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