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Uncooperative Actors Who Stormed Off Set

Check them out...

Jessica Alba

it could be said that, Jessica nearly quit acting cos of her experience in Fantastic Four. The way she was being directed for the movie made her question her abilities and how she was perceived: she said the director complained she wasn't crying well on the movie set.

Gene Hackman

The film titled The french connection gave him an Oscar award. However,during the acting of this movie, he got into a serious argument with the director and stormed off set, but he later came back to make a great movie.

Faye Dunaway

In the movie, Chinatown. While working on set, Faye noticed that an actor pulled off her hairs catching the light. This got her so angry and she said , “I don’t believe it. That motherf***er pulled my hair out!” and then she stormed away.

Russell Crowe 

In the movie Gladiator, Russel walked off the set twice during the filming 

Bruce Willis

While filming the movie, Three Stories About Joan, Bruce terminated his contract with the company and walked off set for personal Reasons.

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