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My Landlord's Daughter Winks At Me More Than Necessary

I'm a young man of 27 years of age, my name is Felix. I recently packed into this new apartment in warri barely six months ago after I left my parents' home to start a life of my own. I'm a web designer and a software engineer. I would say I've got something going for myself. 

My first four months into this new house, I barely stay at home, because I'm mostly out doing one job or the other. Initially, I thought my landlord had just four children — three boys and one little girl. The eldest boy is between 17 to 19 years of age so he politely salutes me anytime he sees me. There are three more apartments making us four tenants. The first tenant also has a grown up son, while the second tenants has little children inside the house — I can't really tell how many they are as I barely see them outside. The third tenant is just a newly wedded couple — and they are barely at home just like me.

Back to the issue at hand. Just this month, a lady of about 24 years old or let's say my age mate, came over and started to stay with my landlord; I later got to know that she's my landlord's daughter. Truth be told, she's very pretty and gorgeously looking. Not like I'm a saint or anything — but I always know where to eat; and I know well enough that eating from my landlord's table was a bad idea. 

At first, she (my landlord's eldest daughter) was always very polite while greeting me, but I read no meaning to this. It's my belief that as a young person in the society, when exchanging pleasantries; it should be done with smiles and utmost politeness. So, I totally saw it as normal.

My problem now is that; in addition to her polite greetings, she's fond of winking anytime our eyes meet. I don't think I need a soothsayer to tell me what this means, but I mostly rather behave as if I don't understand what's going on and just smile back in return. In the space of these past two weeks she has visited my apartment three times. And this is as a result of the fact that for the past two months I barely leave the house as business is not booming as usual. Whenever she visits; she acts all funny and very relaxed. 

I really do not want to get into any trouble with my landlord; mostly as he and his wife have also been very nice to me since I packed in.

I really think that I'm in a fix right now.

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