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"Just Happened" [Fiction] Episode Four


Episode Four

"Let me get this straight, Jason invited me to a party, the same Jason that insulted you?"Mirabel asked and I nodded. "And, you want to go. You also want to lie to your mum that we'll be having a slumber party at my house!"Mirabel said, staring at me in disbelief. "He offered a hand if friendship and I accepted. This would just be like...increasing our bond. You have to help me Mirabel"I pleaded. "I have no problem with you being friends with Jason but, lying to your mum? C'mon b." "She wouldn't let me go if she realizes that I barely know this guy. Mirabel please..."I said, pouting. "Okay, okay fine...I'll do it"she said sighing with resignation and I hugged her. "that's why I love you"I said.


According to the address given to me, this mansion was Jason's. I opened the door and walked in, wow! Half of the school was there. And...their outfits, damn! I stared at my red dress and shook my head. "Hey Priscilla" Jason said and hugged me. Was this Jason?😳 He was bare chested and half of his body was tattooed, his body was well built... from his chest to his torso. He had packed his hair in a different way and..his killer smile! Damn! "Oh hey, Jason"I said,smiling. "I'm so happy you could make it"he replied and I smiled again. "Make yourself comfortable, you can get a drink over there"he said, pointing to the direction where many cheerleaders stood. "Yeah,sure"I said. I wondered how he could talk so boldly here. I was walking, smiling at the few people I know when I bumped into Alseria, she was Chelsea's friend. "Jason invited you?"she asked in disbelief and I nodded. "Yeah"I replied. "I guess he has bad taste"she said, rolling her eyes. "Hey Alseria, why don't you go meet your leader? I'm pretty sure she'd have laughed at your lame joke now"I said and walked away. How TF was he coping with this kinda people? And,oh! Why would his parents give him permission to throw such an outrageous party at their house or...did he live alone? I walked upstairs, staring occasionally at drunk couples who were kissing and making love. I saw Chelsea at a corner, she was with Ryan and they were smoking. Ugh. I opened a door and walked in. It was dark in there. "Who's there?!"I heard a familiar voice say. Someone grabbed my hand almost immediately. "It''s Jackson. Priscilla Jackson"I said, shaking in every limb. " "Oh."he said and left my hand. "Ain't you enjoying the party?"he asked. It was Jason. "I am..I guess. Cool party, I just don't know anyone here"I replied. "Why didn't you come with Mirabel?" "I wanted to, she said she has plans for tonight."I replied. "Oh"


How come he's flowing in this conversation? No stammering? "You live alone?" I asked. "Yeah, why?" "Well I..err..was wondering if your parents had given you the permission to throw this party"i said. "Nahhh...I live alone. My mum comes occasionally though"he said.


He held my hand, he was breathing kinda fast. "You should rest, you've drank too much"I said. "I don't drink"he replied almost immediately. "Oh...I was thinking..."he didn't let me complete it. His mouth covered mine in a hard demanding way. The touch of his lips on mine stirred up feelings... feelings I never knew was there. When he broke the kiss, I stared at him. Why'd he stop? "Why'd you do that?" I asked. He pushed me to the wall and brought his head close. "Why do I find it hard to resist you?"he muttered before kissing me again. His shoulders arched and I leaned more close. I shuddered when he slipped his hand into my dress and cupped my breast. My head was almost exploding. I didn't want this to end.

Suddenly, the door opened and the light was turned on. "Jason, Ryan said...woahh"Chelsea stopped talking and stared at the both of us. Jason had pulled away as soon as the door opened. "Yeah? What? What?"he asked, I could see veins all over his forehead. "Ryan wants to see you"she said, still staring at me. "Okay"he replied and turned to me. "I'll be back"he said and walked away.

Back for what?!🙄🤦

Chelsea leaned close and I moved back. "'re the cheap slut Jason's been telling me about"she said and laughed.

Cheap slut?!

"I never thought Jason would stoop so low to have something to do with you, neither did I think you'd not respect yourself and not go about sleeping with every guy in school"Chelsea continued and shook her head.

Sleeping with every guy in school?!!


"I am not a slut and...I haven't done anything with Jason"I said, my voice shaking. "Well...Jason's been telling me about his new catch and how dumb she is, his description fits you perfectly. And as a good friend, I just decided to tell you"she said, smiling. "I don't believe you"I replied arms crossed.

Why would I even believe her? Jason wouldn't say such.

"Alright then, keep on f*cking around with him. You think I don't know about everything?"she asked and laughed. What's she talking about? Jason walked in. "I've talked to him. What're you telling Priscilla?"he asked, staring at the both of us. "Nothing, I was just err...telling her how happy I am to hear that she's finally our friend"Chelsea replied, smiling. She turned to me, "I'll talk to you later, Priscilla"she said, touching my arm. I pulled back as if her touch was toxic. She just smiled and left.

 "You good?"he asked me and I stared at him with anger and bitterness. "What's this I've been hearing about me being a slut and you getting into my pants?"I asked him. "Wait, what?" "Chelsea told me everything. I can't believe I gave you a hand of friendship!"I said, tears were forming in my eyes. "Priscilla, I don't understand. What... what're you saying?"he asked me. "why don't you ask your dear friend? I'm pretty sure she'd tell you"I said and walked away. I'd start crying at any moment and I didn't want him to think of me as weak. I rushed downstairs, opened the door and went outside. I could hear footsteps at my back. "Priscilla! Priscilla, wait!"Jason yelled and I stopped. "Where are you going to?"he asked breathing heavily. "Home."

I don't even know why I came here in the first place🤦

"Home?! It's late.. something bad might happen to you"he said.

Do I look like I care?🙄

 "Stay here tonight. I'd drive you home tomorrow"he said and I stared at him. "I'm good"I replied and walked away. "Priscilla! Priscilla, c'mon. Heyy..."

I didn't stop this time.



 Saturday morning was like every other morning... boring. I had reached my house pretty late the night before. Fortunately, my mum was on night shift. Kitchen sparkling, sitting room... manageable. I sighed. We really need a house help here. I heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?"I asked. "A witch"a familiar voice said as I opened the door. "Mirabel"I said smiling and hugged her. She walked in. "Been long I saw you and...this place is really clean"she said and I laughed. "We saw each other yesterday b and for real, I need a house help." She sat down. "So what happened yesterday? How was the party?"she asked me. "Some things are better left unsaid"I replied, dusting the table. "Huh? Something happened?"she asked and I sighed. "Jason...kissed me"I said, turning to her. "Woah." She was visibly shocked. "And...?" "And nothing. He kissed me"I replied. "That's it?" "Huh?" "That's the whole story? He kissed you"she asked. 

"Yeah, what do you want to hear? That we had sex?" "Eish, bummer. So what's good?"she asked.


 Later that evening, I was outside with my mum when a car pulled over. It was Jason.😳

What was he doing here? How did he even get my address?!

 "Good day Ma"he said and my mum nodded. She was checking him out..I guess🙄 "Priscilla, we need to talk"he said. "Who's this?"mum asked me and I sighed. "He' school mate, Jason"I replied. "I haven't seen this one before"she said. "You're quite the hunk of a man"she whispered to him. I noticed his cheek turning red. "Mum!"I exclaimed and she laughed. "I was just being friendly and welcoming. I'll be inside"she said.

 "What do you want?"I asked him. "I wanted to know what went on between you and Chelsea last night. Umh, by the way..your mum's kinda.. you"he said, scratching his hair. Wtf?!😐 "You should be asking Chelsea that. How did you even get my address?"I asked. "I tried asking Chelsea. She err...she refused to...say anything about it. I got your address from her though"

 Okay, wow.

 "I know I was stupid enough to kiss you but, that doesn't make me a slut you know"I said. "Slut? Who called you a slut?"he asked, his eyes widening. "Stop acting like you know nothing about it. I don't know you, okay? We never talked to each other, we never kissed. Let's just leave it this way"I said, turning away. He held my hand. "What're you saying Priscilla? I'm really confused right now. I didn't call you a slut, why would I even do that? What's going on?"he asked me. "Why would you say I need to do something about my face and still kiss me?"I asked. His face was totally red. "You really have to bring that up? I...I thought I explained everything to you...I..I apologized you know"he said, cleaning his forehead with the back of his palm. "Just go, okay? Go away. Please. I'll be inside, doing something with my mum"I said and walked away. After standing outside for some minutes, he sighed and open his car door.

 "So...who's he?"mum asked. "I told you, my school mate"I replied, sitting down. "He isn't more than a school mate?" "Mum!" "Okay okay. If he asks you out though, don't turn down such a cute guy"she said, smiling. "Mummy!" I exclaimed.

© Farida Minjindadi💫

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