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See Hollywood actors pictures that look handsome than when they had hair

Baldness shows up in men that are old and some few younger people due to genetic reasons and maybe stress. 

Baldness has forced so many people to be covering their heads, therefore, putting on caps, helmets, head warmer, hats etc.

For many men, going bald is an unpreventable part of getting older or just an unavoidable piece of their genetics. But just because you are losing your hair does not mean you are losing your gorgeous and handsome looks.

We are sure you are aware of Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), here are other Hollywood actors that look handsome with their bald heads than when they had hair.


1. Bruce Willis

2. Dwayne Johnson

3. Samuel L. Jackson

4. Jason Statham

5. Woody Harrelson

6. Vin Diesel

7. Terry Crews

8. Patrick Stewart

9. J.K Simmons

10. Michael Keaton

11. Stanley Tucci

12. Laurence Fishburne

13. Channing Tatum

14. Zach Galifianakis

15. John Malkovich

These men remind us that “bald” is just another style and it also looks better, cool, handsome.

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