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Talent: See Photos of Paralysed Woman Who Painted Cristiano Ronaldo With Her Right Foot

There is a popular life quote I see often in books and videos that says "there's nothing in life that can stop the resolve of a determined soul". That quote stuck by me ever since I saw it first due to the impact its message had on me. Everyday, I see people living that quote's message through their determination. This article today is about yet another person that has refused to let life circumstances stand in her way of following her passion.

Her name is Fateme Hamami Nasrabadi. She is a 28 year old painter from Tehran, Iran who paints portraits of people with her feet. Her story is simply amazing and motivating because of the challenges she has had to fight through in order to follow her passion. She suffers from an ailment which left 85% of her body paralysed. Despite this, she began painting professionally at the age of 16. She can't move most parts of her body and is forced to move from place to place with the help of a wheel chair.

She mostly stays in her room doing what she loves the most which is painting. Since she has difficulty moving her hands voluntarily, she has been forced to improvise in order to draw. Her condition meant she could only draw portraits using her feet. That predicament however didn't stop her love for painting as she has painted some of the most amazing portraits of celebrities you'll ever see.

She shocked the footballing world after she posted a picture of Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo she painted using her right foot. She drew the portrait while the Juventus striker was still a Real Madrid player. The portrait was posted on her official Instagram handle which has over 120,000 followers. The post attracted a lot of likes from people all over the world. After the picture went viral, La Liga headquarters sent her a written letter and a signed Real Madrid shirt. Ronaldo himself even promised her that he'll come see her work anytime he visits Iran.

Like I said earlier, she has also painted other celebrities like Messi, Charlie Chaplin, Shah Rukh Khan, Iranian football legend Ali Daei and many more. She says she has a love for football which has made her draw many footballing superstars.

What I like most about this woman is her zeal to pursue her dream no matter what. In an interview, she said "My wish is too become world famous so every one who comes to Iran will want to come and see my work". She is definitely on the path to achieve her wish as she already has many exhibition displays in Tehran, Iran. Her ultimate dream is to own her own art gallery where all her amazing paintings would be kept for admiration.

She should serve as a source of inspiration to everyone. No matter what life throws at you, you can still achieve whatever you intend to. If someone can draw a portrait as good as the ones you have seen above with just two toes on her right foot, then you can achieve your own dream. In a situation where most people would find it easier to turn into beggars, she decided she wasn't cut out for that life and today is earning money.

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