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Bbnaija S6: Why Biggie Was Not Wrong For Bringing Back Angel To Compete With Pere

Day 64 of the Big Brother Naija season 6, "Shine Ya Eye" series on Sunday 27th, saw some house members like Queen, Nini and Saga get evicted from the house after they got the least votes in their respective order. 

However, there was a bit of twist which had stirred up reactions from the fans of the reality TV show series after Angel who was supposed to be evicted along with other evicted mates was seen not to have been evicted but was instead led into the White House in the Big Brother Naija arena, to compete in a Double Jeopardy game with Pere, a housemate who many believed should have automatically gone into the final for having a higher number of votes than Angel. 

Photo Credit: BBNaija

Photo Credit: BBNaija

Explainer: Why was Angel brought back instead of being evicted directly? 

For many who felt that the decision of Biggie, not to allow Angel to be evicted directly was not a fair justice should understand well the explanation below:

Everyone and Pere himself, remembers that he and Maria were, on day 5 of the Big Brother Naija show, revealed as the Wildcards during a Diary Session, and so, would understand perfectly well that the decision of how he is going to to be played lies in the hand of the game player, that is, Biggie. 

Photo Credit: Facebook// Pere

To those who may not understand what Wildcards mean, in this concept of the Big Brother Naija competition, they are those unreal housemates who weren't selected by votes or the normal protocols but were only picked by the Big Brother Naija to add to the twist in the show. 

So the "Wildcards" only play along and take part in all the house's activities as real members, even though they are not. They also have equal rights as the real members of the house to go into the final, unless they were discovered by real members of the show to be fake members. 

Therefore going strictly by the rules of a Wildcard personality in any game or competition such as BBNaija, Biggie did not do anything wrong in his decision to have allowed Angel remain to compete in a Double Jeopardy game with Pere, since the Wildcard's fate is in the hands of the player who, in this case of Big Brother Naija show, is the Biggie. 

Another important thing people should note is that Wildcards do not play by the normal rules of the game and so, Pere too would have been given that same chance, should he had lower votes than that of Angel's. 

Photo Credit: BBNaija

Photo Credit: Angel, BBNaija

Although it is quite understandable how Pere's fans might have felt, seeing their favourite housemate, Pere who got a higher number of votes to have to battle it out for the top 5 with another housemate whose votes are lower. A real housemate like Angel could have also eventually felt cheated, should she discover that Pere was a Wildcard. 

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