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Check out some funny memes to end your day

Been a long day, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. You are at home now? Or you feeling bored, why dont you check out these funny memes I promise you'll feel good after and you won't regret it, remember laughter is the best medicine.

This guy is just to creative😂

Oh no! I hope it's not what thinking

Ill have to ask my plumber concerning this

Buh seriously no one seems to be scared of the virus anymore

Even when the TV is switched off, it's not easy being a visitor jawe

I wish I could say so too

Ill surely respect you all the days of my life

This guy is heartless. Lol

Can you imagine, something like "olodo come here"

I don't want them to see what I don't want them to see. Lol

This student should be given an award

That's all for now, i hope i had put laughter in your faces, follow me to catch up on fresh memes.. Thanks

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