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Nickelodeon:- Top 10 Best Dressed Actresses In 2020

Nickelodeon is filled with beauties that are competing daily with fashion.

Day after day, these teens keep on releasing photos of their dresses and you sit to wonder if they repeat clothes at all. Their male actors are always on the low with zero fashion sense but the females keep killing the world with their amazing wears.

Today, I want to write on the best dressed female of Nickelodeon. Don't get me wrong, they are all trying their best but of course there have to be a best.

I'll write on the top 10 best fashionista in Nickelodeon so read down from them

10. Lilimar Hernandez aka Sage from The Knights Squad

She's the girl with the sauce. This one is amazingly beautiful and a fashion queen. The way she combines sauciness with modesty is worth acknowledgement, so , I think she deserves a spot on my list.

9. Kira Kosarin aka Phoebe Thundermans

I kept debating whether or not she deserved a tenth place or a ninth place but then I came to these conclusion to put her on the ninth spot because she hasn't lost her fashion sense even as she's growing older.

8. Jade PettyJohn aka From School of Rock

Classic queen. She knows how to keep it classic and matured. Of all other Nickelodeon stars, I think she's the only one who acts so matured in real life.

7. Isabella Moner aka CJ From 100 things to do before High school

These one looks like she isn't interested in fashion but when she wants to kill it, she makes a masterpiece of her dress. Oh, she so deserves these spot on my list.

6.Kyla Drew aka Mae of Nicky Ricky Dicky And Dawn

Brown skin girl. Her fashion conciousness is above 100 Don't you think?. The way she makes dressing look fun made her top my list

5. Danielle Perkins aka

Although Danielle is one who loves showing off bits of her skin, always on Bikini flaunting her awesome figure, I still think she top this list.

4. Ella Anderson aka Piper From Henry Danger

Contrary to her stubborn character she played on screen in Henry danger, this one has a sweet personality in real life and her sweetness reflects in her fashion.

3. Lizzy Greene aka Dawn

Dawn keeps keeping it simple but even her simplicity is a bomb. She doesn't show off, always on the low, but a star is noticed wherever it is so, the fashion sense is awesome.

2. Riele Downs aka Charlotte

The goddess herself. This list won't be complete without our queen. She rains beauty wherever she goes. Oh yes, she so deserves first place but then, second place isn't bad after all.

1. Mae Mae Renfrow from Hunters Street

Oh the perfect cutie look. She's got it all. I know the number one spot isn't something you were expecting but just take a look at her, she's amazing.

There you have it, ten best dressed Nickelodeon actors for 2020. What do you think?

Content created and supplied by: JessicaAmaechi (via Opera News )

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