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My Candid Opinion on Nigerian Cross-dressers

In Nigeria, when the word cross-dresser is mentioned, two people come to the mind of the average Nigerian. That is Bobrisky and James Brown.


James Brown

Both are controversial figures in Nigeria and are always trending on social media for one reason or the other.

Many people do believe that Bobrisky and James Brown are both transgenders or Gay. Bobrisky in particular is believed to have undergone surgery to change his gender.

I am a bit skeptical about this. Chances are neither Bobrisky or James Brown have undergone any form of surgery.

Both have studied the Nigerian demographic and have seen that controversy is a good way to get publicity. Knowing fully well that Nigeria, is not like the Western World were coming out as Gay or Transgender is considered normal they choose to come out as transgenders and crossdressers knowning fully well that going against societal norms and standard can give a person attention.

An example of this is Bobrisky coming out to say she is experiencing menstruation. I would prefer using the word she in this article as it is Bobrisky's prefered pronoun. Even if Bobrisky was transgender, it would be impossible for her to menstruate.

So therefore in other words, Bobrisky simply made the above statement, as a way of getting social media publicity.

In other words, i am of the opinion that their main reason for coming out as cross-dressers is to get publicity. I also think it's possible that neither of them have undergone any form of sugery.

If you think it's impossible for someone who was male at birth to look so feminine without any form of sugery then see some pictures of American Actor Tyler Perry.

The two pictures above, is that of Tyler Perry. On the left, he dressed up himself as an old woman for a movie role while the picture on the right is Tyler Perry appearing the way he is as a man.

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