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Don't Deceive These Children, Little Drops of Water Can Never Make An Ocean - Erigga

When growing up it is often said that little drop of water makes an ocean, this is a saying that makes sense, and many people can attest to, as it is a fact that you can put together to make a highly comprehensive meaning, science students who understands how water is form will attest to this knowledge, which in the first place should never be in doubt.

But is seems rapper Erigga have a new idea of the saying brewing on his mind, as he shared a tweet that states otherwise, which reads, ''Little drops of water can never I repeat never make an ocean. Don't deceive all this children' he emphasized, his tweet might only make meaning to him, as he might failed to realise that even the rain is made off drops of water.

With his tweet, it is safe to say that Erigga needs a reorientation as to the knowledge on how droplets of waters collected as air are formed into rains which runs into ponds, lakes, rivers, and then into an ocean, which goes back and forth in a cycle of how tiny drip of water becomes a mighty ocean.

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