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Meet Family who Lives in a Camera Shaped House and Named their Sons After Iconic Camera Brands.

Some people love their profession so much that they are always willing to be identified with it at any time or any day, while others see their profession as only a means of earning a living. While some got into their present profession or trade simply because that's what the family has been involved in from generation to generation and such finds themselves into it.

The same can be said of an Indian professional photographer named Ravi Hongal from Belgaum. The 49-year-old professional photographer, who loves his profession very much and also very proud of it to the extent that he built his beautiful house into the shape of a giant Camera. According to local media, it was reported that the House has cost him $95,000 to be built to look like a giant camera. The beautiful house has all the details of a common camera.

Another unique thing about Mr. Hongal is the naming of his three sons after the name of the iconic brands of Camera. His three sons bear the following names Canon, Nikon, and Epson. This is a true reflection of the love Mr. Hongal has for his profession as a professional photographer. Reason being that he is earning a living doing what he loves to do and probably not for the money alone. It is therefore good to encourage people to choose their profession themselves to be contented doing what they are doing for a living. This is one good reason parents should not choose careers for their children. They should allow their children to pick whatever choice of career that they so desire.

Anybody in a legal profession should be proud of it and people who place emphasis more on the financial reward ahead of professional ethnic may not likely get to the top. No matter the level at which the society places a profession provided it is legal and provides a decent amount of income then one needs to be proud of it. The best part is being the best at what you do for a living. And known for integrity.

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Epson Hongal House Iconic Nikon


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