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4 Points That Made Simi's Woman Video Thrilling and a Great Content That Generated Attention

Simi is one musical artist whose musical talent has never been in doubt, the mother of one who has been in the music industry for close to a decade now recently showed why she is such a force to be reckoned with in the industry with her musical genius, as highlighted bin her latest hit titled Woman, while the music has served as inspiration to a lot of women, here are four points about the video that made the video content very interesting to audience.

Choreography: While the track is one that says a lot in regard to how women are stigmatized and victimized in the society, the video featured a great level of choreography display that saw a nice dance concept been brought into the song, with Simi being involved.

Afro Beat Concept in The Video: While the song has taken samples from Felas's Songs such as Suffering and Smiling, Water, Amen etc., she was able to imbibe the concept of Afro Beat be into the video, by virtue of the models dressing and dance pattern in the music video.

Good Styling and Costume: The styling and costume for the music video is another beautiful display that gave the music video s great visuals effect, as Simi was dressed beautiful in arrays of costumes to make the video more appealing to audience.

Empowering Messages: This is one of the key concept that made the music one with such a good vibe, leading to a trend that shared messages that seek to highlight messages that relays with belittling women, the music video used the message concept by placing messages on walls.

It is good when a musical video to a song, bears all the concept that gives a good meaning to the lyrics of a song, which is what was obtainable in Simi's Woman video.

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