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Funny Images And Memes To Spice Up Your Day And Make You Laugh

Laughter is a good thing. In fact, health experts tell us that laughter has its own benefits on the body and its always fun to share a good laugh.

As children, many people used to laugh several times a day, but as adults, life tends to be more serious and laughter more gradually reduces. But adults need to consciously seek opportunities for humour and laughter, so as to improve emotional health, strengthen relationships, and find greater happiness—and even add years to your life.

Laughter also brings people together and makes it easier to deal with challenges of life.

Below is a compilation of images and memes. Hope they make you laugh, and lift your spirit.

Have a good time going through them.

1.Only God knows how many of this globe I broke. People of the 'Indomie generation' can't understand the struggle.

2.Please is this guy even listening to the lady? What football will cause, nobody knows.

3.In fact, all Nigerian banks are guilty of this.

4.Has the matter not settled itself already? Go and sin no more.

5.The image can be confusing, but look at it very well and you'll understand.

6.Who will help us answer this question Nigerians are asking?

7.How on earth did they build this structure? Those that worked on it even tried.

8.It is automatically installed in every visitor's brain. We all do it, and then act surprised when the host finally puts the food on the table.

9.Why won't someone be hungry with this kind of food packaging.

10.People can ask JAMB questions.

11.Is this true, ladies defend yourself and guys, what do you have to say on this matter?

12.Don't judge a book by its cover. Only God has the final say.

13.Bae should kindly take note of this and respond accordingly.

14.Many parents are on this table...Hope the table won't break.

15.Children can be innocently and hilariously funny.

16.Of course, never to be caught unfresh.

17.I don't know why tailors always like doing this o.

18.Nigerians I hail o. They never disappoint.

19.For me, I crush the bones, nothing must waste!

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