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I Noticed My Son Spends Much Time In The Bathroom, See What I Caught Him Doing (Fiction)

Am Rebecca "Mummy Joe" that's what most people call me, Joe is my son and I love him so much that I could put my life on the line for him.

I'm a single mother, my husband is not dead but we ran away from him three years ago because he was an alcoholic husband, I couldn't give another man a chance in my life again, so I decided to focus on my son and take good care of them till they become someone successful in life.

My son is in SS1, My son is a very handsome person and most people do state at him anytime he walks on the streets, this makes me love him a lot, my son is not only handsome but he's very brilliant and because of her nature and academic excellence all her and the teachers and classmates cherished her alot.

Being a single mother of a teenage son could be very difficult as expenses were too much for me to handle, I remember the time my son was sent back from school and didn't attend classes for 2 weeks then all his friends from schools kept visiting him always.

If there is anything my son loves so much, aside God and me, are stick sweets , He loves stick sweets so much and to the extent of spending the entire money he has on him. Instead of letting him buy it with his own money I normally buy it in bulk for him.

This picture was used to illustrate.

My son started developing some strange attitude lately, which made me suspicious of whether she has been keeping bad friends, it's during their exam, she needs enough time to concentrate, I do not want to accuse her wrongly, so she won't get distracted, so I decided to let the issue die down for now.

Few days to her exam I always force her to read her books till 11pm in the night, Anytime I see her reading there's always a smile on my face because reading will make him graduate with flying colours.

It's time for her to write her exams, the exam is usually concluded in 1 week so I kept praying for him tirelessly while she revise her books, 1 week later she concluded concluded her exams and results came out I was very excited and relaxed because I know she wouldn't fail and to my expectations she passed with flying colours.

It was now time to tackle the act my son has been practicing for a long time now, I noticed my son normally goes to the bathroom with a box of baseline in his hands. I become more worried anytime I see him go into the bathroom with that vaseline his hands so I decided to tell a very close friend about this situation.

My friend adviced me to figure out what he uses the vaseline to do everytime so one day while he was inside the bathroom I badged in but I didn't see him with any vaseline instead he was with his phone chatting with a girl.

I went back to my friend and told her what I saw then she told me not to be suspecious and nothing was happening but I didn't listen because I knew something always happen whenever he goes into rhe bathroom with that box of vaseline.

After three days of monitoring him he finally went to the bathroom with that box of vaseline in his hands, The shower was rushing normally then after 3 minutes it stopped then there was total silence at that moment I knew that something was wrong because normally Joe spends less than 4 minutes in the bathroom and now he has been in there for more than 15 minute's.

I quickly barged in but I was really happy when I found out that he was only applying vaseline to his hair while watching tutorial videos on YouTube. I quickly ran to him and said "I love you my son" he asked my why I was doing this and I told him not to worry and to keep being a good boy.

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