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Video: See What This Foreigner Wife Did To A Nigerian Man For Not Cooking.

It's no secret that some people in relationship can do a lot of really bizarre things to each other. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of things every person in a relationship should not do to the other person.

It’s easy to fall into a rut, when you do some things to to your partner, and in turn to simply take your partner for granted.

Recently, a Nigerian man has been sent packing by his foreigner wife for not cooking, and for that, so many Twitter user has commenting on the post. See some of the comments below.

@mosmosakin tweeted, "Did d woman do anything wrong? Dis same man might beat his wife blue-black or send her packing if it was in an environment like Nigeria dat enable such behaviour. My point, adaptability is a skill & can be learnt. If situation changes learn 2 be flexible, it's abroad not Nigeria".

@halotane0 tweeted, "Lemme get you right.. What are you saying he should adapt to?

And what has "beating his wife" got to do with this?".

@olutona1 tweeted, "Every story has different versions. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all gave biblical accounts of our Lords' sojourn on earth but there were variations".

@samuel22313432 tweeted, "Man abroad no easy oooo after now there will be telling us to send money".

@slimzaddyj tweeted, "This is strange but not new, it is a rare condition that has been described by different doctors. I was in a lecture when a professor explained the phenomenon, he described it from A-Z but unfortunately I was asleep so I was not listening".

If you wish to watch the video, see the link below. And don't forget to click on the like button, comment, share and follow to stay updated.

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