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Remember "Kokonbilo" Singer? Meet Him And Other Evergreen Musicians In Nigeria

Evergreen songs are songs that don't date,they don't get stale even if listened to repeatedly. They are not specific to an individual or audience. They reflect some universally relatable. They pass good messages, stories and something that resonate. 

When we are talking about evergreen songs in Nigeria,these artists can never be left unmentioned,they have been satisfying the Nigerians with great songs. They don't let pressure lead them to be composing gibberish. These retain their credibility. They are prculiar in their dressing and attires,they have ideosycratic looks. Let me move to the main story and stop my suspense. 

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Popularly called lagbaja but born Bisade Ologunde. He is a Nigerian Afrobeat musician,singer , songwriter and percussionist. He is known for using mask on stage and anywhere else. His idwn6is unknown by 97% of Nigerians. He plays with saxophone and talking drums.He started his career in the 90s. His name reflected in his choice of stage attire, "lagbaja" "the unknown", "faceless" this was adopted to represent the "common man" in keeping with the yoruba carnival tradition. His first album was released in 2000 titled " We Before Me". It is about honesty from our leaders. It also talked about unity and brotherhood. He featured Ego Ihenacho as a backup singer then but Ego backed out later. Some of his songs include Feyin E,Kokonbilo. Albums;Ikira 1993, Lagbaja 1993,We 2000,Me 2000,Africano,the mother of Groove 2005,Sharp Sharp 2009.

We won Channel O music video Award as the Best Male video (Never Far Away)I 2006.


Bukola Elemide is a Nigerian songwriter and singer. She was born in France, after 2 years her parents moved to Nigerian,so she grew up in Lagos. At the age of 18 she returned to Paris, France. He father is a cinematographer and this greatly helped her because her father contributed to the success of her music career.

Her first album Asa was released across Europe , Asia and Africa,it won the prestigious French Constantine Award in 2008, she was voted best fresh talent of 10 singers by a 19 jury music-industry specialists in Paris.

Beautiful Imperfection,her second album in collaboration with French Composer Nicolas Millard was released in 2010. The hit track of the album "Be My Man" was released in September 2010. It was reported that by 2014 she sold 400,00 albums worldwide.

On 25 May 2019,she released a new single "The Begining". On 11 September 2019,she announced on her Twitter page that her new album ,Lucid will be released on October 2019,it was released on the exact day. Some of her singles include; Fire on the mountain 2007,Jailer 2007,Be my man 2016, Why Can't we 2011, Ba Mi Dele 2012,Eyo 2015, My Dear 2019.

Beautiful Nubia

"I'll orita ilu alafia

Moni tebade'be

Email bami kiwon o

Omoge awelewa o da mi lo'ru o

I'll owo Ni o would saya"

While his stage name is Beautiful Nubia,his real name is Segun Akinlolu. He is a songwriter,music composer and band leader. He is a graduate of vetinary Medicine from University of Ibadan. 

His songs are built on folkloric traditions and cultural wisdom but his message is universal in respect to value of life,nature and living in peace and harmony with others. It preaches love and tolerance. His band "the Roots Renaissance Band" is the pioneer of contemporary folk and root music in Nigeria.

The band's songs have reached brotherhood status among his loyal fans. He established his music production and marketing company in 1997 " EniObanke". In 1998,the artist invited several young musician in Lagos to form a backing band,named the Roots Renaissance Band.

On 2002,he released "Jangbalajugbu",his third album. The hit track in the album "Owuro l'Ojo" is estimated by radio journalist that more than 50 million Nigerians wake up to listen to. The album has sold in excess of a million copies. He has released over 200 original songs based on didactic and philosophical thinking and advocacy for community development and social justice. Here are some of his albums; seven lifes 1997,Awilele 2004, Iwa 2010, Atunluto 2018.

In 2016,he was conferred with the honourary doctorate degree in Arts for his great works by ESEP Le Berger university, Benin republic.

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