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Story : A Client From Hell


I am one of the regular big girls you see driving on the streets of Lagos and my name is Sandra. I am a social worker, the kind of people everyone call runs girl. I am not just a regular social worker. I have over 10,000 instagram and twitter followers, that's where I get most of my clients, many of them are male but sometimes I get female clients too.

My repertoire is not just sex. I do anything my client wants as long as it does not involve me doing or vomiting as I have come to learn that in this line of business some clients can be really disgusting. My blow jobs are great, I do intimate asphyxiation, choking, bondage, Triple Sins, dress-up, self pleasure, etc. Like I said I can do anything, just name your fetish and I'm game.

This is one of the reason why I am so expensive and only get calls from high class men in the society, men that would lose their jobs and drive the whole country crazy if I start mentioning names. I would not pretend to use my money to take care of any family member, I do not have a sick mum or a sibling that needs to go to school. Every money I get from this job is used in taking good care of myself, paying for regular clinical check ups and buying highly expensive things.

The reason I got into this line of work is a story for another day. However this is why I am planing to stop.

On the 4th of April, I got a call from a woman, she said her name was Linda, she called saying she's heard of how good I am and can be and that she would like us to meet. Hanging out with women is not new to me and while sleeping with them is not really something I look forward to, I still do it for the money.

Usually before I meet a client I chat up with them to know what they really like and want, but most importantly to see if there is any turn off, something that would show if the client is a potential danger and if I can be safe. Call girls have so many rules like, don't ask me of my personal details, no video recording, no weapons allowed (I'm okay with whips), we meet only in a hotel of my choice (I only do 5 star hotels), don't open/touch our drinks, this is so because believe it or not, this line of work is far from safe.

After discussing with the client over the phone I jot down his/her number, the hotel address we are to meet, the name of the client, the time for the date, how many days I am to spend and send them over to Lucy. Lucy is a social worker too and doubles as my manager, her job is to call me every 3 hours after I leave to ensure I am safe. If she does not hear from me after 3 hours, she is to call the police. (we have policemen we walk with and pay).

When Linda called me there was nothing off about her. She sounded sweet though a little nervous which is understandable. We talked for a while and I discovered she has a high sense of humor. I asked her what she liked and wanted and what her fetish is.

"I'm not the one who needs it, it's for my husband" she replied.

I mumbled on my words as I tried desperately to get over my momentary shock.

'Oh Dear, there is nothing to worry about, he is perfectly okay with it and I want it for him'

I still coudn't find my voice. I have heard of women getting call gals for their husbands but not in this part of the world. This would definetly be my first. My anticipation began to rise and my heartbeat started racing fast. This would be great I thought to myself. I can finally have something to brag about with my fellow call girls.

So many questions began to race through my mind, is the woman suffering from a kind of disease? Is she scared of her husband going outside and felt he should only do it with someone she endorsed. I knew I was going to get crazy with excitment if I kept asking these questions.

Anyway we agreed on my terms and fixed a date. This job required that I fly to Abuja since that is where they reside. I packed all the things I would need, my toys including my dildos, whips, plugs, etc. I was super excited. I called Lucy, gave her all the necessary information and when the time came I said my goodbyes.

- To be continued.

* Watch out for Episode 2...

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