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See hilarious photos and jokes that would tickle your funny bone

Why remain in sorrows when you can get entertained by freeflex, joke is any thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline. I do have to lecture you about the importance of jokes in our daily lifes, jokes stir up the immune system, they make you forget your sorrows. I do recommend jokes to drinking alcohol or gambling, and im bring you that entertainment to your screen for free on opera.

COCIN, Garki, Abuja - Jokes

When it comes to a good joke, timing is everything. Keep it simple with these short jokes

  1. If u wan know d Tru color/secret of baby Cal her best friend a prostitute
  2. sited wit a girl in taxi & she thinks m gonna say hi😂 who 1 pay double t.p?
  3. If you fail to make it children in your area might hide their biscuit when they see you oooo
  4. Women hate Mathematics but love counting money. Is counting money Geography??🤫
  5. When you owe somebody 1million naira and you decide to commit suicide but a doctor saves you and now you're owing the doctor 200k as well
  6. Playing with kids this days can be very stressful. My Friend's child has been crying since morning because I refuse to eat the food she made with sand
  7. A marriage without a side chick is like a government without an opposition party .we should not be dictators ,we should allow democracy
  8. Ugly girls will do whatever you tell them in a relationship, until when it's time for abortion... Don't even suggest it my brother
  9. .I stole money, the money got missing. What a waist of sin?😔😔😂😂
  10. Imagin say u Waka pass hotel wit mumc & ashawo c u shout "customer na dis old woman u carry today??? 
  11. An igbo man wuld get married by 3:30pm ND still open his shop by 4pm 😂😂😂

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