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Do You Remember Alita: Battle Angel? See How The Battle Angel Looks Like In Real Life

Alita: Battle Angel is the movie adaptation of a Japanese video animation of the same title. The movie was released in 2019 with Robert Rodriguez directing it, while James Cameron and Oaeta Kalogridis wrote the script. 

The story of the movie was about a cyborg that was discovered in ruins by a scientist 300 years after a war on Earth. Luckily for the cyborg, it human brain was still intact, so the scientist revives the cyborg and attached a new body to it. The cyborg with no memory of her past was given the name "Alita" by the scientist. Despite having a memory loss, Alita has an instinct to fight whenever She sees a threat. Her fighting instinct, as later seen in the movie, played a big part in her quest to uncover her past life and fulfil her destiny.

Rosa Salazer played Alita, Christoph Waltz played the scientist who discovered Alita, while Jennifer Connelly, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Mahershala Ali, Keean Johnson and Lana Condor all played other prominent characters in the Century Fox distributed movie.

The presence of cyborg characters means a lot of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) were involved in the movie. I picked the Alita character, not just because it was the main act, but also because the character was rendered entirely in Computer Generated Imagery, thus, making the actor, (Rosa Salazer) unrecognizable. At least to those who don't know her before.

See how the Battle Angel looks like in real life.

Rosa Salazer was born Rose Bianca Salazer on July 16, 1985 in Canada.

Rosa Salazer and fellow Alita: Battle Angel actor, Keean Johnson promoting the film.

Rosa Salazer at the promotion of Alita: Battle Angel in Japan.

Rosa Salazer posing with an Alita dummy.

It might interest you to know that Rosa Salazer also starred in Star Trek: Short trek Television series and the 2018 movie Maze Runner: The death cure where she played Brenda.

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