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4 Disney Characters Modeled After Famous Actors Who Voiced Them

1. Olaf (In Frozen)

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The optimistic snowman who really wanted to experience summer was voiced by Josh Gad. Animators used Gad's eyes and smile as references to bring Olaf to life. And because Gad liked to improvise lines, the animators had to put in a lot of work to make sure that Olaf's lips match what was being said on set.

2. Maui (In Moana)

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Dwayne Johnson revealed that Maui was partly inspired by his late grandfather. But there is still one key feature that's modeled after Johnson. And that is of course his epic eyebrow raise. Once Johnson was officially on board for the film, the directors knew they had to incorporate Dwayne Johnson's eyebrow raise in some way. Initially, the directors were nervous to show Dwayne Johnson's element. But thankfully, Johnson was a good sport about it.

3. Scar (In The Lion King)

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Before Jeremy Irons signed on to the classic Disney film, his villainous Scar looked a lot different. Originally, Scar was meant to look like Shere Khan in the Jungle Book movie with a more muscular physique and a bigger chin. He was meant to be a strong physical match for Mufasa. But when Jeremy Irons joined and started making his magic in the recording booth, the animators decided to switch things up a bit. They tried to match Iron's darker eyes, slimmer frame, and general sophistication.

4. Snow White (In Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

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Snow White was Disney's first princess. It was uncharted territory for the animation studio and the techniques they used to bring Snow White to life set the standard for all of their animated products going forward. This was the first time that Disney had used character models to bring a character to life. Snow White was voiced by Adriana Caselotti and whose likeness was also used to animate the Disney princess. Although the technique wasn't perfect and when you look at the outcome, it's not quite the carbon copy of Caselotti. However, the animators did a great job at capturing her general essence.

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