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10 people who look younger than their age

Life is wonderful, people go as long as having plastic surgery to look young, but there are people who are naturally blessed with the gift of looking young. While some attributes these to genes passed on from parents, some say it is as a result of diet, workout and living a balanced lifestyle.

Masako Mizutani, born in 1968 and 50 years.

According to Ms Mizutani, the secret to youthfulness is in the body and mind combine with regular exercise. She eats fresh and healthy food and drinks lot of water to flush out toxins. For a healthy skincare, fruits, milk, and vegetables are very important.

Masako Mizutani 50 years

Rita Rusić, is a Croatian born Italian producer, actress and singer. born May 16, 1960.

Rita Rusić 60 years

Ellen Ector

A 64-year-old mom of five, grandmother of four, and health inspiration to people everywhere.She follows strict diet and exercise routine. Her diet includes especially fruits and vegetables with lots of water.

Ellen Ector 64

Chuando Tan, born in 1967, a photographer from Singapore is 51 years but looks like 21. He attributes his young look to 70% on food and 30% on exercises. He also added that he does not use skincare products.

Chuando Tan 51

Annette Larkins

At 78 years, Annette Larkins says the key to radiant youthfulness and physical vitality is a raw vegan diet. "I know that I'm not going to live forever, but I'm forever trying to live well," Annette said. She's been a vegetarian for 54 years, but over the last 30 years she has perfected her raw vegan diet. Her plant-based diet does not include any animal products.

Annette Larkins 78

Pharrell Williams 47

Salma Hayek 53

Angela bassett 61

Jared Leto 48

Paul Rudd — 51

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Croatian Italian Masako Mizutani Mizutani Rita Rusić


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