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Why Cross's handler supported Queen and Angel instead of Whitemoney ahead of the eviction

Recently, there's been an uproar online as Cross's handler took to his Instagram account to officially talk about his support for Angel and Queen, as he referred to them as his bestie. This rather got people surprised, as they wished he was going to stand in for Whitemoney, who's obviously not only up for eviction, but has been assumed to have his back, because they are both Igbos, according to their fans.

However, here's a reason why the handler was right to have thrown support for the two ladies instead of Whitemoney.

Whitemoney is a stronger contender.

No doubt, Whitemoney is seen as one of the strongest contenders to win this show, and everyone must have their hands on deck in order to eliminate their supposed competitor. His reason for throwing his support for the ladies obviously was to get Whitemoney off, as it's assumed Cross may have an upper hand in the finals, ahead of the ladies. 

To buy the hearts of the ladies' fans

Another reason could be that if the ladies eventually didn't scale through, the fans of the ladies could join forces with Cross in the finale so he could win. Imagine the fans that Cross has, added to those of Queen and Angel. It is surely going to be a force to reckon with.

It's a game and at some point, strategies are brought in to make sure one wins, and doesn't really mean hatred for anyone. What else do you think could have necessitated such support for Angel and Queen?

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