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Funny Nigerian Proverbs (in pidgin english) that will make you laugh.

Hello there, this is World-Interest. Today we bring you series of Nigerian Proverbs in pidgin english that will make you laugh. It is quite obvious that though these proverbs may sound funny, there are some truths in them, and if one should pay attention to them, one will acquire some level of wisdom which they teach.

Nigerians speak the British english language as the general language in the geographical region, but it is also evident that a lot of us find it more convenient to use the pidgin english in our communication, especially when talking with our dearest and closest folks. It is quite fun to hear the pidgin english in the tongue and accents of the Nigerian guy, lady, or child, and even the old men and women too, as some parts of the country speak it with more fluency and style than some others.

Some persons most time do not like speaking the pidgin english because they feel they may be looked upon as not educated, yet, even the highly educated ones do speak pidgin so well. However, because one can speak pidgin english does not stop him/her from speaking good and simple english and vice versa when they want to, and maybe when it is required of them.

Go through these proverbs written in pidgin and see the ones that will get you laughing the most.

We hope you found one or two funny proverbs that got you smiling or laughing.

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See you in our next post.

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