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'Is this a Ship' - DJ Cuppy and Anthony Joshua Shows on Native Attire Together that got Fans Talking

You know when the rich and the rich meet together, people usually see it that they both compliment each other and there's no need even trying to come in the centre. Its only in Nollywood movies that we get to see where a poor guy meets a rich girl and they both fall in love together, which later gets to marriage stage. In fact, many people still live in that fantasy world that they are going to meet a rich girl someday who's going change their life for better. Wouldn't want to discourage anyone but good luck with that. The fact still remains that most rich people get entangled with their fellow rich kids, someone they can both reason with together, so their legacy of wealth within their families don't go down the drain.

Anthony Joshua as everyone knows is a renowned wrestler who's so many black belts to his name. Apart from the fact that he's strong, handsome, famous, successful, he's also very very rich which makes him the ideal man for many ladies.

That notwithstanding, DJ Cuppy, the ever beautiful, gorgeous and talented Singer is also rich, successful and also famous just like Anthony Joshua and should the two start up a ship together, you know that's not going to be a bad idea right considering the fact that she's at many times said she's single.

She recently shared a photo of herself and Anthony Joshua on native attire to celebrate Nigerians' Independence day but in other way, it literary points down to the fact that perhaps, a ship may about to sail between the two in it or that she's interested in him.

See below:

Many who saw that knew they was nothing more to do should anything really be going on between them because they seem perfect for each other, while some others gave in some funny remarks about them.

See below:

Athough the singer said nothing whatsoever on the post but to you, you think something is about to happen between the two or it's already happening?

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