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5 saddest movie ever watch in history.

The first on the list is,

1.Green mile.

One of the spectacular adaptions of Stephen king novel, green mile follows Paul edge comb (Hank's) the head guard of a prison where john Coffey — a black man accused of murdering in young girls — is an inmate. Despite is physical strength Paul soon realise that john is naive, soft and kind — and may possess a question whether is really capable of murder.

If you don't come out of this with a lump in your throat and seriously puffy eyes, you have no heart.

2.Revolutionary Road.

Reuniting Leo and Kate, 12years after titanic, Revolutionary road follows husband, wife frank and April wheeler in the 1950s as they buy a house in Connecticut and are confronted with the conventionality of suburbia, the loss of their free spirits and the unraveling of their marriage while trying to raise two children.

3. Titanic.

Do you really need to be told the storyline? Well it features a boat, Kate Winglet posing naked for a sketch, Leonardo DiCaprio in his prime and a lot of water works in both senses of the world.

4. Adrift.

The real life story of tamioldhan and Richard sharp who attempt to sail the Atlantic ocean. When Richard is left in critical condition after a hurricane, Tami must navigate her way to shore alone.

5. Romeo and Juliet.

These movie starring Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio. A Boz luhrman's modern take on Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet. This classic love story tugs at the heart strings every time.

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