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27 Quotes Of Encouragement And Motivation

You are bright and that light is within you. You are the sun with the rays that want to shine. You are the moon; you are waiting for that radiance. You are the star up on that night shining so bright. You are the smile that kindles the heart. You play an important role; do never lose your heart. The following are words of encouragement and motivation Specially For you.

[1] You have the potential within you; you just have to recognize your power. You have the will to do things; you just have to know about your role. You have the capability to do anything, you just have to go and take a stand in life. You have all the possibilities, just go and explore them right.

[2] Your vision is not limited in life. Never take a backseat in life thinking that you will not be able to do something. Visualize that you have the power to achieve everything that will come your way. If you visualize things, you would actually be able to do everything you want to.

[3] The sun sets in each day giving a bright light, so that we take a new day as a new might. Do things that we left unsaid, complete the tasks, which were left undone. The light is like an inspiration to make the day brighter than the hue. Get inspired each day as the day is indeed so new.

[4] Fear is all in your mind; it's a thought that mentally blocks you from doing things. Just stay positive and reduce your fear. Tell yourself that there is nothing that can't be done in life. Your fear would make way for some happy memories in life, memories that you will cherish forever.

[5] It's important to take responsibility of your role. If you take that and accept the situation, you can easily reach your goal. Destination is never far, it's just your thought which makes it. So, go ahead and achieve everything that you want in life. Feel bright and happiness will follow.

[6] You do not need reasons to do things in life. When you are inspired, your act becomes your reason. Do things that you love to do, no one will stop you. Lead a life your way because you only live once. Live merry all the way; you just need to make an effort from your side.

[7] Your potential lies in you; you can go ahead and do wonders for yourself. Accept your flaws in life and create opportunities that may take you a long way. When you accept your flaws, you also accept the person you are, life becomes easier then.

[8] If you have a creative mind, you should go and unleash its power. You just have one life to life. If you use your creativity and mind, you can do wonders for yourself. Just go ahead with that idea and you will reach success for sure. Trust yourself for things in life.

[9] Power of mind and control teaches us everything in life. If your mind has a control over things, you can do anything that you like. Nothing can change if you do not want to change. Everything can change if you want, so it is all the power of mind.

[10] Never demotivate yourself. There will be already so many others out there who will be ready to do that.

[11[ Live your life in such a manner that people won't want to overtake you, instead they'll want to become more like you.

[12[ Why search for reasons that say you can't when you should be searching for reasons that you can. Remember that even impossible says I M Possible.

[13[ Don't let what people say deter you. Great men have always proved others wrong and made a place for themselves in history.

[15] We look to others for encouragement but true encouragement to succeed is best received from one's own self. Nobody will know you better than you know yourself.

[16] The darkest time is just when we are about to reach success. Some get scared and cower back but others pull up their boots and get ready to scale the distance to success.

[17[ We will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is what we leave behind that will make us truly immortal.

[18[ True success is never recognition of others but an inner satisfaction that one experiences of a job well done.

[19[ Opportunities will always come your way but if you have already accepted defeat, you might not get see what life has in store for you.

[20[ Don't treat failures as reasons to give up but as stepping stones that lead you to succeed.

[21] The end can just be the beginning of something new. It all depends on your perception and motivation.

[22] Problems are opportunities in disguise. They test your worthiness for the ultimate success.

[23] The harder you fall, the more intense should be your passion to succeed.

[24[ The day you decide to pay a deaf ear to the world and run towards your ambition in life without looking back, you have already succeeded.

[25[ When anybody criticizes you, just remember, no monuments were ever made in honour of a critic.

[26] Let all your troubles, anger and pain motivate you to move on. It is only then, will you be able to get up and carry on with your journey of life, more stronger than before.

[27[ During the journey of life, everyone goes through times of failure, pain and suffering. However only those who have the guts to get up and continue with their journey, emerge victorious.kindly share these post with friends on social media.

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