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Adele’s Workout Routine Critisised By Medical Experts

We have all come to know Adele right from when she was plumpy and had some extra weight on. Her songs though have touched the hearts of millions of people all of the world.

However, the talented singer and vocalist is looking tremendously gorgeous now, but recently opened up about her training routine "in an interview with British Vogue". And to this, some medical specialists have labelled it as being excessive.

According to the 33-year-old singer, she claimed that she increased her exercise routine as a result of anxiety and as a "manner of monitoring her total wellbeing".

Adele says she works out 3 times a day with her trainers, and she's very addicted to the regime. Her daily routines consist of weights in the morning, hiking or training out on the field in the afternoon and cardio in the evening.

Even though she may have achieved great success with her weight loss, "the feedback have led medical specialists to assert that exercising two or 3 times a day may be damaging and pose some long-term well being dangers".

According to the chief medical officer by the name, John Whyte, he strongly mentioned that sustaining a reasonable training routine is the key to a healthy and acceptable way of living. Whyte also added "that extreme training may end up in “a plethora of overuse accidents”; which in other words also means cumulative trauma disorders, which leads to tissue damage as a result from repetitive demand over the course of time. 

In Whyte's final conclusion, he clearly states that “after we work out, we’re placing stress on our muscular tissues, bones and organs". Therefore, if we don’t give our body an opportunity to heal after use, the organs can start to deteriorate, making it liable for one to become potentially sick and have permanent damages from within.

With all this, Adele has been cautioned and warned severally.

Content created and supplied by: LuluLuana (via Opera News )

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